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    The retired (I am they they made the list before his announcement) Marian Barber #69 ahead of Felix Jones ranked #74.

    The funny part who is #1.
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    Sproles #1....Come on.

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    At initial glance I thought the list was absolutely terrible. But they are based on 2011 statistics. I was wondering why Jamaal Charles wasn't on the list. Marshawn Lynch should be in the top 10.

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    based on 2011 performance I don't think the list is too terrible.

    The NFL has changed, and now you don't need a big bruiser who will give you 350+ carries for 1300+ yards. Playing the ground game and using possessions for field positioning doesn't work, because now when you punt it away, the other team will probably take it down the field and score. The "3 yards and a cloud of dust" days are long gone. Nowadays you need your RB's to be versatile and make the most of every touch they get. A 4.0 YPC average used to be great, now I'd say an average like that is fairly mediocre. You want your best RB at least at 4.5 and up.

    Darren Sproles averaged almost 7 yards a run and was a big factor in the passing game. Not saying he's the best RB in the league, but you could certainly argue that he was the most efficient.

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    Sproles #1? chalk up another good decision for AJ Smith and the Chargers

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    What a dumbass list. The ONLY thing Jacobs is good at is pass blocking, he's the best in the league, and they labeled him a 4? What games are these idiots watching? His ranking seems right, but for the wrong reasons. This is exactly why I never bother with trash like this.

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    Saints...Ricky Williams

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    NT? more like SO i said
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    ^Dammit i thought he had another funny, retarded opinion for us

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    If we went by team their very best ever....

    Steelers...Jerome Bettis
    Ravens...Jamal Lewis
    Bengals...Corey Dillon
    Browns...Jim Brown
    Dolphins...Larry Czonka
    Jets..Curtis Martin
    Pats..Sam Cunningham
    Colts...Edggerin James
    Titans/Oilers..Eddie George/Earl Campbell
    Jags...Fred Taylor
    Texans...Arian Foster
    Chargers..LaDainian Tomlinson
    Chiefs...Christian Okoye
    Raiders...Marcus Allen
    Broncos...Terrell Davis
    Bears...Walter Payton (sorry Gale)
    Lions...Barry Sanders
    Vikings...Adrian Peterson
    Packers...Jim Taylor
    Saints...Ricky Williams
    Falcons...Gerald Riggs
    Buc's...James Wilder
    Panthers...De' Angelo Williams
    Redskins...John Riggins
    Eagles...Brian Westbrook
    Giants...Tiki Barber
    Cowboys...Emmitt Smith
    Niners...Roger Craig (sorry Frank)
    Rams...yikes! Dickerson or Faulk?
    Seahawks...Curt Warner
    Cards...Otis Anderson

    More about impact/ways to hurt a defense than just stats? Yes I know Frank Gore is all time rushing leader for the Niners, but Craig could hurt you receiving.

    Thomas out gained Simpson but Simpson made the bigger impact.

    Can probably be talked out of a couple.
    I'd replace

    Falcons - Jamal Anderson
    Seahawks - Shaun Alexander
    Chiefs - Priest Holmes or Marcus Allen

    Rest of the list is solid

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    I don't care how short his career was or that he only played half a season every year, if you don't have Bo Jackson for the Raiders best RB ever, you're dumb.

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    I was thinking he had his 1800 yard season still a Saint...EL DUHO!

    How about...Dalton Hilliard?
    I'm with that. TBH, I figured you were just seeing if we were paying attention.

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    Razon got it wrong again. Deuce Mcallister is easily the best Saints RB in history.

    Hillard was good, but Deuce was clearly better.
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    Yep, you nailed it. Not even debatable. I'll change it.

    I appear to have some problem with the Saints..?????
    Personal bias? No biggie.

    BTW, I don't know if Sproles is the best RB in the league, but he made a huge impact on the Saints offense. The Saints had a great offense, but Sproles and Graham made them a historic offense. Too bad it got wasted thanks to Gregg fuckin Williams.

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    I think you could put James before Faulk. James did more as a Colt compared to Faulk who was an underachiever outside of his rookie season and his last season with the Colts.

    Dickerson had some very good years for the Colts as well. Funny how both Faulk and Dickerson played for the Rams and Colts. Also, those two teams traded owners in the 60s. Yes, they traded owners. Fun stuff.

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