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    I went to it this weekend in Dallas. I had never been to a convention of any sort including BotCon which is the one for Transformers so it was an interesting experience. I was very surprised by the whole deal and experience. I have never seen so many people so interested in Transformers. I mean I've been a fan since I was a little kid mainly because of the cartoon and the animated movie but just wow. I thought I was a fan of it but there were a lot of hardcore fans there. The people there know what they're talking about.
    There was so much shit to buy at it too. They also had Peter Cullen as a speaker. He is the voice of Optimus Prime from the 1980s cartoon and the Michael Bay Transformers movies. But yeah this shit was badass and awesome. Thousands of toys and merchandise to buy and a lot of hot chicks in costumes which was extremely surprising. You would think that most of the people that go to these types of conventions are fat, hairy, and smelly but you would be surprised. I saw a lot of hot ladies at it wearing costumes. There were also a lot of families there too and also a lot of people not from America because this convention is an international convention.

    I'm sure haters will shit on this but I don't care. I had a good time and an interesting experience. Going to events like this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

    I was also able to see JFK memorial in Dallas and the grassy noe. Talk about a sad creepy place.

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    I want to meet Peter Cullen in person and ask him to say "All Your Base Are Belong to US" in his Optimus voice.

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