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    May 18, 2012 - "The Last Emperor" is nearing his last days.

    Fedor Emelianenko, the Russian heavyweight who UFC president Dana White acknowledges as the only major name that he's never been able to sign, says he will call it quits following his June 21 fight against Pedro Rizzo.

    He made the statement in an interview on Russian language television.

    Russian MMA journalist Artem Yalanskiy provided MMA Fighting with a translation of the key exchange of the interview.

    "My previous fight was in Moscow and my last fight will be in St. Petersburg on June 21st," Emelianenko says. "It will be the last fight in my career."

    "Is this your final decision?" the interviewer asks.

    "Yes," Emelianenko says, "I think it's time to end my career.

    Emelianenko said the primary reason for his retirement is to spend more time with his family, but he also mentioned the mounting toll of injuries from a career spent in MMA and sambo.

    "So the final image of Ginobili isnt that he lost a bronze medal. Its what he did to try to win one." -
    Buck Harvey

    Still crazy after all these years. And I love that, Jackson said. Id rather play with someone like him, who plays hard and gets hurt, than someone who is afraid.

    - SJAX regarding Manu

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    Most overrated fighter in MMA history.

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    Most overrated fighter in MMA history.
    Prime Fedor was as good as anyone. He was only overrated after he started fighting in Affliction.
    Manu Ginobili:

    * Italian League Championship: 2001
    * Italian Cup: 2001, 2002
    * Euroleague Championship: 2001
    * Americas Championship: 2001
    * Indianapolis WC - Silver Medal: 2002
    * NBA Championship: 2003, 2005, 2007
    * Summer Olympic Games gold medal: 2004
    * Summer Olympic Games bronze medal: 2008

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    Most overrated fighter in MMA history.
    He is a legend and he is over-rated.. His fans say he is the GOAT whenever his name comes up. If anything all the hate Dana gave him made his fanbase dig in harder in regards to his legacy. The excuses over his opponents and refusal to sign with the UFC became a running joke after a while. He was reportedly offered 5 million dollars to sign with the UFC and fight Brock when Brock was champion. Fedor signs with SF and fights an ex tire salesman.. His fans claimed The tire salesman was legit.. His legacy was very secure from the Pride days but went no further post Pride.. Forever over-rated IMO all time because he never came to the UFC. But still a legend..

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    His fight is on now (he is walking to the ring)

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    Just like I thought, Fedor punches another hole into rizzos head for the tko victory. He looked fast and fresh.

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    What do they know?
    Do you have tv in Poland?/Do you use forks and knives in poland? - Mrs. Tlong
    They have basketball courts in Poland? -batman2883
    Do you have indoor plumbing in Poland? -SpursWoman
    Can you dunk ? Is there dunking in Poland ? - ORION
    Are there IQ's in Poland?/They have forums in poland? – mcornelio
    Do they have porno in Poland? - Trainwreck
    Do they have 1000-pound women in Poland? - Extra Stout
    Do you all have retards in Poland? / Do women work in Poland? / Do women shave their underarms in Poland? / Do you have McDonald's in Poland? / Are there any Mexicans in Poland? / Do you have a playstation there? - all by SequSpur

    How much they love me?
    One crazy mofo – rayray
    Dude, what the fuck is your problem bitch? – MaNuMaNiA
    Fuck you Poland! - donkeyonamidget
    Poland is on crack its official - batman

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    Dude is a class act unlike some fags in this sport, good luck to him. His chick is pretty hot too.

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    Dude is a class act/His chick is pretty hot too.
    two very extreme understatements

    oh, and fuck that election stealing bitch Putin for that shameless PR move going in there. I was already gonna type this before he even spoke after the fight for just being there in the front row but then he took it to another level

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