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    Former UFC Title Challenger Rory MacDonald Nearing Deal with Bellator MMA


    "So the final image of Ginobili isn’t that he lost a bronze medal. It’s what he did to try to win one." -
    Buck Harvey

    Still crazy after all these years. “And I love that,” Jackson said. “I’d rather play with someone like him, who plays hard and gets hurt, than someone who is afraid.”

    - SJAX regarding Manu

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    Greg Beacham Verified account ‏@gregbeacham

    Chael Sonnen is returning to MMA for a multiyear, multi-fight deal with Bellator, he just told me: …

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    Benson vs Chandler tonight on Spike was a classic!!!

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    Could be total borefest or exciting fight tomorrow live on Spike:

    Fight card
    Weight class Method Round Time Notes
    Light Heavyweight
    Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen
    Welterweight Paul Daley vs. Brennan Ward
    Middleweight Ralek Gracie vs. Hisaki Kato
    Featherweight Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Emmanuel Sanchez
    Lightweight Derek Campos vs. Derek Anderson

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    Campos is pretty fun to watch. Dude can be sloppy but has some legit power.

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    Well that was crap, Sonnen turned the wrong way making that RnC worse...

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    Fedor returns Saturday

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    Brett Okamoto @bokamotoESPN
    As I mentioned on @SportsCenter, per Dana White, UFC ready to grant Jon Jones title shot July 29. If Jones wants tuneup, it's DC vs. Manuwa.

    Brett Okamoto @bokamotoESPN
    Dana White: If Jon Jones is ready to fight on July 29 (UFC 214 in Anaheim), we'll see the Jones vs. Cormier rematch, finally.

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    How good is Jon Jones?

    As I said, I only just started watching UFC earlier this year, and his record is amazing. Only 1 loss, and from what I read, it seems like that one shouldn't have even counted. The current drug suspension doesn't seem that bad either - it doesn't seem like blatant juicing (Do you guys think he was juicing blatantly, whether it be then or before then?). Anyway, I'm just curious on why I haven't heard him mentioned as one of the all time greats along with guys like GSP, Anderson Silva, Demetrious Johnson. I know there is a lot of other great fighters, but I'm just referring to current guys that are still competing in the UFC. How come with the record he has, that he's not mentioned with any of those guys above?

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    View originalFlag media

    Jenn Brown retweeted

    Bellator MMA
    #Bellator179 is coming to you at the top of the hour on @spike! Lets get ready for some action packed fights!

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    Let us never forget Jim's last moments as a Sp*r:

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    Mousasi signed with Bellator.

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    Go Spurs Go!! dbreiden83080's Avatar
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    Mousasi signed with Bellator.

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    Mousasi signed with Bellator.
    How good of a fighter is he? Is this a big move?

    Also, what are the other main MMA leagues? Is Bellator a rival league? Can someone give me a quick rundown?

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    Bellator at this time is UFC's biggest rival.

    Mousasi is still a really good MW.

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    This is definitely something.

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    Georges St-Pierre Vacates UFC Middleweight Title, Robert Whittaker Becomes Official Champ, Whittaker/Rockhold @UFC221 Feb 10th, 2018.


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    Along with UFC 220, I'll be watching this fight card live on The Paramount Network aka the artist formally known as SPIKE

    Fight card
    Weight class Method Round Time Notes
    Heavyweight Quinton Jackson vs. Chael Sonnen [a]
    Welterweight Douglas Lima (c) vs. Rory MacDonald [b]
    Lightweight Michael Chandler vs. Goiti Yamauchi

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