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    It is what it is. ParadoxEN's Avatar
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    IMO, dude won't be more than a rotation player

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    Wrecks and Effects RsxPiimp's Avatar
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    All Star, 21 pts, 7 Rebs 5 asst career with a rep for being a solid defender. Jimmy Butler ceiling, given the opportunity to shine in the 3-5 yrs.
    All in for Ingram

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    Clever got me this far... JMarkJohns's Avatar
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    Paul Pierce is his ceiling, but few players actually reach their ceiling.

    He's had a weird NBA transition with his mom dying of cancer before the season started. But he has everything you want in a prospect, save for elite bounce.

    He might be a bit fish-outta-water in modern NBA. He's more of an ISO player, but he'll still be valued.

    My hope is the Suns trade Markieff/Goodwin for Stanley today or tomorrow.

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    I think he sucks. Didn't like the draft pick. Nothing he's done has changed my mind after 24 or so games into the season. Can only hit the corner three pointer when he's wide open. Probably shoots about 20% on every other shot he takes. Can't finish inside against contact or over size. Looks like he can't jump and has no explosion when he does. He rarely dunks, even on breakaway lay-ups. Misses easy lay-ups, short midrange jumpers, any three point attempt that's not from the corner. I also think he's closer to 6'5 than he is 6'7.

    He plays hard in general. He has plenty of confidence. He has a solid handle for a small forward. And he doesn't make too many mistakes so his basketball IQ appears to be good. But his talent is weak, particularly offensively.

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