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    #UFC212 heads to Rio for the featherweight title between @JoseAldoJunior & @BlessedMMA!


    Spurs Depth:

    PG: Parker, Mills, McCallum
    SG: Manu, Green,
    SF: Kawhi, Anderson, Simmons
    PF: Duncan, Diaw, West
    C: Aldridge, Boban, Bonner

    "So the final image of Ginobili isnt that he lost a bronze medal. Its what he did to try to win one." -
    Buck Harvey

    Still crazy after all these years. And I love that, Jackson said. Id rather play with someone like him, who plays hard and gets hurt, than someone who is afraid.

    - SJAX regarding Manu

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    Ask and you shall receive! @KelvinGastelum gets wish, faces @SpiderAnderson at #UFC212 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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    Silva vs Gastelum called off cuz Gastelum smoked pot.

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