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    Still sad news on the Nvidia front. In a conference call with investors Jen-Hsun Huang confirmed they're going to still be selling Pascal gpus for the holiday season, so I doubt we see Volta GeForce cards until Computex 2018. So I guess I'll stick with my 970 for another year, because I'm not paying $500 for a fucking 1080 and the 1070 at $450 is flat out retarded when the 1080 is 20% better for $50 more.

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    Yeah I couldn't care less, I'm good with my 1060 at this point. Once I start struggling at 1080p/60FPS I'll pay attention to Nvidia's road map

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    Anyone playing Hellblade? That shit looks interesting as hell. Maybe the most intriguing PC release since NieR Automata?
    I've seen some gameplay of it. I think you'd like this one.

    It has shades of Bloodborne in it. At least the enemies.

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