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    So Bryce Harper isn't a massive douche? ok

    Strickland is known to be a baby, and I'm pretty sure throwing at a guy 3 years after his perceived slight makes you far and away a bigger douche. Not even his teammates are defending him, did you see Buster Posey's reaction? Bochy's? Not even his teammates are on his side.

    Is Harper a douche? Meh, he's an exciting, flamboyant superstar who can act like an ass. I mean who gives a shit - it feels like those people that complain about Randy Moss or Terrell Owens for not 'embodying the spirit of the game!' He's entertaining in my opinion, I'm not sure how that's cause for throwing fast balls at him. Maybe try striking him out.
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    Hanging yourself by your junk puts you into a separate category.

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    Harper is a huge Douche
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