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    I spent about 45 minutes reading through this Study last night. Aside from the fact it doesn't say exactly what you want it to say, I found the methodology fascinating. Quantifying the actual impact of far right sites like Breitbart and Fox News is pretty interesting. When you wash it all down there is a solid delineation between left and right responses to the echo chamber of the far right. It's not quite the massive slam dunk you're proclaiming here as the spreads appear to be fairly modest often in the 25+ point range between measurables. But, a fascinating read nonetheless.
    Good to see someone else read the thing, and you are welcome.

    I agree on all points.

    It isn't a slam dunk, but the salon article was more compelling in that regard.
    It was a fascinating look into the media landscape.

    The world is complex, but can occasionally be distilled into numbers that show us some ground truth through all the clutter. Worth looking more into.
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    Lol you guys would be addicted to the electric merchant
    I don't watch House of Cards tbh. It's not like you didn't know what we were talking about -- what's your excuse?


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    I had to google it, haven’t watched tv other than sports and South Park in 20 years. And South Park you can now watch online.

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