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    When we go out to a Mexican restaurant, I want to see real live Mexicans preparing the meal, same with Chinese, I need ..Chinese. There will never come a time I would want...robot.

    When we hit these family owned restaurants I want see some old guy back there, just the way it is. The same guy I saw three months ago.

    Funny watching fast food joints (only go there for others) and all the hassles they have trying to just get an order right. Last time I was in one of those places I could hear....

    Drive about getting this right, so pay close attention

    three cheeseburgers
    two large orders of fries
    three small Cokes
    and a vanilla milkshake

    (something like that)

    now repeat that back to me slowly.

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    Wow what a meal
    Chicken Peking
    Delicious cuisine
    I ate the whole thing

    "Waiter come here
    Hurry up are you deaf?
    I must I must give
    compliments to the chef"

    He gives a blank look
    And says, "worry not
    For your meal was prepared
    By the metal, Chef Bot

    And by the way
    Since you now know the truth
    I'm a Cyborg
    Remain in the booth"

    I'm already moving
    My laser in hand
    Firing away
    As fast as I can

    And as the dust settles
    I say a wise crack
    "No tip for you sir
    And you will not be back"

    You know like from Terminator

    The End

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    what kind of scissors do they use to cut the steak?

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    what kind of scissors do they use to cut the steak?
    Work with me here slugger

    Nobody was ever talking about eating anything with scissors, ok ya feel me? How damn stupid would that be?

    Dude........PREPARING....the meal, ok? The scissors are for cutting the meat into small pieces, got it? Who in the fuck eats anything with scissors, hahahaha~~~~~

    Kitchen scissors must be new to you people, my great granny had them when she was a kid, so where you people been?

    Kitchen scissors or kitchen shears For food preparation, but often used for a variety of other purposes. Today, kitchen scissors are usually made from stainless steel for food hygiene and oxidization-resistance reasons. They often have kitchen functionality (other than cutting) incorporated, such as bottle-cap, to fish scale, to crack nuts and bottle-openers built into the handles

    See where it says.................FOOD PREPARATION....?

    Take some Jalapeno peppers (mild) a steak off the barbecue, a hunk of Monterey Jack Cheese, some bellpepper, some string onion. Now cut all that up in small pieces, toss it all into a bowl and micro just long enought to melt the cheese.......YUMMY. Yes ya used a knife to cut a strip of cheese and bellpepper.

    Little man, then ya put the scissors in the sink, ok, yep, ya don't eat with them, hahahaha~~~~~~~~~
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