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    “An Amateur Boxer Up Against Muhammad Ali”: Washington Fears Trump Will Be No Match for Putin in Helsinki

    On Monday, in Helsinki, Trump will have his long-awaited summit with the Russian President,
    Vladimir Putin,

    a meeting he has personally pursued over the cautions of his advisers and

    despite the long political shadow of alleged Russian influence over his 2016 campaign.

    Beyond the allure of aggrandizement and President Trump’s affinity for the Russian strongman, why the meeting is taking place now remains a mystery.

    Is the purpose to discuss arms control? Syria? Ukraine?

    To rehash the 2016 election?

    Remarkably, it’s not clear, and that in and of itself marks this as a most unusual summit.

    Trump was asked whether he would consider scrapping military exercises in the Baltic states if Putin asked him on Monday to do so.

    “Perhaps we’ll talk about that,” he replied,

    to the great alarm and consternation of Europeans

    who had been publicly reassured by American officials that Trump would do no such thing.

    Putin could not have set up the summit better if he had scripted it himself.

    Expect more whiplash when Trump arrives in Helsinki for the Putin meeting,

    a potential debacle very much of the President’s own making.

    after the Kim summit, the President ordered members of his staff to prepare the Putin meeting, which many of them wanted to avoid.

    There is no agreed-upon substantive agenda for the meeting, as Trump himself confirmed on Thursday,

    The sum total of the preparation was a single trip by Trump’s national-security adviser, John Bolton, to Moscow. He came out of the trip with none of the “deliverables” typically determined in advance of such high-level summits.

    as of now it appears that it will be a four-hour affair

    (rather than the seven hours requested by the Kremlin),

    with a lengthy one-on-one between Trump and Putin first,

    followed by an expanded meeting to include Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,
    and the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman.

    Bolton’s N.S.C. has not had a single principals-level meeting to discuss Russia policy or the plans for the summit in advance of what will certainly be one of the most important sessions of Trump’s Presidency.

    characterize the mood headed into Helsinki. “Apprehensive,” he said. A U.S. Ambassador to a nato ally added, “Everybody’s crossing their fingers and holding their breath.”

    Especially concerning is the fact that the U.S. government is headed into such a summit with a degraded and disregarded policy apparatus that has been systematically marginalized and excluded from the President’s actual foreign policy.

    they would welcome a productive face-to-face meeting between the two leaders. But few expect that to be the case.

    “There is no historical precedent that I know of for such a potentially high-stakes U.S.-Russia meeting to take place with so little advance preparation, and with such a dark cloud of suspicion and uncertainty hanging over it.

    what word or phrase best summed up Trump’s approach to Putin, Beyrle responded, “untethered” and “daydream-ish.”

    Tom Graham, the top N.S.C. official for Russia during Putin’s first term, added “contradictory and incoherent,”

    as well as “ideologically driven and non-strategic.”

    Even the hastily pulled-together Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, Graham said, “had more time for planning.”

    Trump remains pretty much a party of one when it comes to his affinity for Russia and refusal to criticize Putin.

    (William Burns, a career diplomat who was the Ambassador to Russia before becoming Obama’s Deputy Secretary of State, called

    the Administration’s policy “schizophrenic,”

    noting the “huge disconnect between Trump’s instincts and rhetoric and

    the rest of Administration.”)

    Trump has undercut the American position on many of the key Russia issues in the weeks leading up to the summit,

    even those most supportive of talking with Putin right now seem to be hoping that not much of anything will come out of the meeting.

    the “best” case this way: “There is no blowup or love fest, there are no major concessions, and the two leaders agree on a few very modest steps to restore relations between the two countries.”

    Her best case: “Nothing of significance is said or done.”

    , Republican and Democrat alike, were resigned to Trump being outplayed by Putin,

    a view perhaps best summed up by a former State Department official who spent decades preparing meetings between U.S. and Russian leaders.

    “I’m afraid,” he told me, that

    “our guy here is like an amateur boxer going up against Muhammad Ali.”

    Pootin knows Trash is dumb and ignorant as shit, has a damaged, degraded psychology, knows he and his mafiya have totally compromised Trash and his mafiya, to great laughter in Moscow.

    "Russian intelligence asset" Trump has no idea that his BFF handler is gonna fuck him hard.

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    World peace

    Make it happen brothas

    I think Putin and Trump are two brothas from different mothas

    They will get along

    Hoepfully and that wil mean peace for the next 10 years

    Thanks you gawd
    MISAGA: Make Israeli and Saudi Armies Great Again

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    Oh they'll get along alright.

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    Oh they'll get along alright.

    World Peace


    Lets all pray for it

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    Trump will be fine.

    he's an underrated south paw

    it will probably be a fine meeting.

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