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    Well I found something that I thought was pretty funny.

    I dont know if its been posted before but here it is:

    Man, why are all these quarterbacks so gay? I don't understand how football can pretend it's the manliest of sports with the most homophobic locker rooms when every team is led by a flaming homosexual.

    Peyton Manning. Queer. Yeah, he's married, but how many kids does he have? Zero, because he only has sex with dudes. Check this out: he once appeared onstage to sing with Kenny Chesney. And we all know singing is gay.

    Don't get me started on Jeff Garcia. This guy is so gay he had to get engaged to the 2004 Playmate of the Year, Carmella DeCesare. What a crock. Why would a coveted nude pinup deign to marry a wealthy professional athlete? It just doesn't make sense. Everyone knows that a good beard is proportional in fame and hotness to the gay man she moonlights for. It's why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are such a joke, and why Tom Brady has most of America fooled.

    Besides, Terrell Owens insinuated he was gay. If we can't trust T.O., who can we trust?

    Speaking of Tom Brady...

    Just look at him. Oh, sure, he's "dating" Gisele. Wink, wink. Are we really supposed to believe that he impregnated Bridget Moynahan? Get real. She's old and he's gay. How do I know? Well, for starters, he's good-looking and dresses well. That's fucking queer. Plus he was photographed holding a goat. And anyone photographed with a farm animal automatically likes bestiality, which is the same thing as being gay.

    The evidence is just overwhelming. I can't believe more people don't realize it.

    Donovan McNabb. Disliked by Rush Limbaugh; in commercials with his mother. Gay.

    Chris Simms. Too easy. Next.

    Tony Romo. Dimpled, attractive, youthful face = obviously gay. His public announcements of crushes on blonde pop starlets Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood were painfully contrived. Why? Because his favorite blond is Chris Simms. Did I just make that up? Probably.

    Trent Green, Mark Brunell and Kurt Warner are all devoutly Christian, and we all know devoutly Christian = closet case. Well, except for Warner. There's nothing closeted about marrying a man.

    Matt Leinart actually might not be gay, but now that he's slept with Paris Hilton, he's at least got the gay diseases.

    Grossman has a way with the ladies, and they give him a lot of credit for being the Sex Cannon. More like the Butt Sex Cannon. Have you seen his eyebrows? That shit gets waxed twice a week, and tweezed daily. He's a three-dollar bill, my friends. A three-dollar bill.

    Alex Smith. Women find him atractive. Thus, he is gay. (See also: David Carr, Philip Rivers)

    My favorite gay quarterback is Matt Hasselbeck. He did a pretty good job of pretending he was straight for a long time, having a wife who gave birth a couple times to babies that he allegedly donated his sperm to. But then he took this picture:

    And it is obvious, conclusive evidence that Matt Hasselbeck likes sex with men. It was probably his idea for him and Trent Dilfer (also gay) to take their shirts off. Also: black and white photography is gay.

    J.P. Losman. Long hair. Loses a lot. Gay and gay.

    Eli Manning was clearly sexually abused by his older brother. Hence his closeted self-loathing is taken out on the football field (where he is timid and cowardly) and in karaoke bars (where he is fabulous).

    Michael Vick. NOT gay. Also: not really a quarterback. QED.

    Joey Harrington plays the piano. See also: Elton John; Liberace.

    Brett Favre has a long-running secret affair with columnist Peter King; Chad Pennington feathers his hair; Vince Young is a top; Brad Johnson is a bottom; Aaron Brooks is a queen; Ben Roethlisberger is a bear; Marc Bulger likes hard cock so much, he changed his last name to Bulger; Jay Cutler's mother cuts his hair [EDIT: see also Carson Palmer]; Byron Leftwich pretends to be injured just so his big, strong teammates will carry him downfield; Daunte Culpepper moved to Miami for the lifestyle opportunities in South Beach; Charlie Frye throws like a girl; Jake Delhomme is willing to try anything; Steve McNair actually uses Nair; and Drew Brees... hmm... I got nothin' on him. I guess he's the exception that proves the rule.

    Gay, gay, gay, and gay. So there, John Amaechi. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. You know, figuratively.

    *Not included: Jon Kitna. I think he's some kind of asexual alien.
    some was funny and some was wack but figured I would post it 8).


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    Blonde not blond

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    Byron Leftwich pretends to be injured so his big strong teammates can carry him downfield
    that was the funniest one

    and i really do think Hasselbeck is gay. no really

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    how can Rex Grossman be gay when he has the biggest vagina in Super Bowl QB history? You can't be gay if ur already a chick.

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    how can Rex Grossman be gay when he has the biggest vagina in Super Bowl QB history? You can't be gay if ur already a chick.
    So...basically he's a mangina? Sounds gay to me.

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    Matt Leinart is the classic bi-sexual who keeps up fronts to hide his gayness. Case in point is his pic with TO, gay Stevie Nash and gay Shawn Marion holding hands in a swimming pool.

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    Absolutely correct Sir...!!!

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