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    Rasheed Wallace not a fan of accused referee Donaghy
    Posted by Justin Rogers July 20, 2007 15:53PM

    Remember several years ago when Rasheed Wallace got suspended for a week for threatening an NBA referee in the parking lot after a game? Well it turns out that was Tim Donaghy, the official under investigation for point shaving.

    January 26, 2003, Then, about an hour after the game, Wallace was speaking with Memphis guard Brevin Knight and signing autographs for an acquaintance of Knight's when Wall, Donaghy and Steve Javie, the third ref, came walking past on the way to their car.
    According to a source, Wallace shouted at Donaghy, "That was a bull---- call and technical, and I'm gonna get my money back," referring to the fine players receive for getting T'd up.

    Donaghy then, according to the source, shouted back, "Watch the tape."

    At this point, things get a little murky. Wallace then apparently took some steps toward Donaghy, and, a source says, said, "No, you watch the tape," and cursed at Donaghy. What is also unclear -- and very important, obviously -- is whether Donaghy cursed back at Wallace, or merely repeated what he'd already said, or didn't say anything. No one I spoke with disputes, though, that Wallace reacted by raising his arms -- as if to throw a punch, the league believes; with no malice toward Donaghy intended or planned, Wallace's people believe -- and moving toward Donaghy, who moved toward Wallace. Another source contends that Wallace then yelled at Donaghy, "I'm gonna kick your ass, punk-ass mother-----," <---I assume he called him a mothergoose> and that the league viewed this as prima facie evidence of a threat against the official -- the major reason for the seven-game suspension.

    Needless to say, I don't think a sympathy card will be in the mail anytime soon.

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    He also reffed the night of 'the brawl'. man, when Sheed said in game 6's post game presser that 'he was tired of all the cheating' I didn't think he'd get this much vindication. this is crazy.

    ESPN reports Donaghy is referee under investigation
    Posted by Justin Rogers July 20, 2007 14:53PM
    ESPN is reporting that Tim Donaghy is the referee under investigation by the FBI for allegations on betting on NBA games.

    July 20, NBA referee Tim Donaghy is under investigation by the FBI for allegations that he bet on games that he officiated over the past two seasons and that he made calls affecting the point spread in games, multiple sources told ESPN.
    Donaghy, a 13-year veteran of the league, is aware of the investigation and resigned from the NBA recently.

    The NBA issued a brief statement Friday, saying: "We have been asked by the FBI, with whom we are working closely, not to comment on this matter at this time."

    According to a law enforcement official, authorities are examining whether Donaghy -- whose identity was not revealed until Friday afternoon -- made calls to affect the point spread in games on which he or associates had wagered.

    Here's a betting profile analyzing Donaghy's performance against the spread in various categories. The Pistons only saw Donaghy twice during the past season according to this chart.

    Maybe that's because Donaghy was part of the officiating crew during one of the more infamous games in recent Pistons' history.

    November 20, 2004, Detroit News: The NBA spent a lot of time Saturday criticizing Detroit and Indiana players for their actions in Friday night's brawl. Much more quietly, they probably also will have to reprimand the officiating crew that worked the game.
    The feeling among Pistons officials was that the referees -- Ron Garretson, Tim Donaghy and Tommy Nunez Jr. -- didn't take control of the situation quickly enough.

    "Does anybody even know what the original call was?" Pistons Coach Larry Brown said, referring to Ron Artest's push in the back on Ben Wallace that triggered everything. "No call was even made. We watched the film. There was a foul prior to that play where (the Pacers') Stephen Jackson had two hands on Ben, and they've been instructed to call that a foul. If you call that, everything stops right there."

    The referees also were criticized for not getting the teams separated quickly enough, for not removing Wallace and Artest from the floor quickly enough, and for backing away once the melee started.

    Does anyone remember the over/under on a brawl occuring that night?

    Finally, before anyone comes up with any reasons to blame the Pistons' embarrassing collapse against the Cavs in the conference finals on the refs, it should be known that Donaghy wasn't officiating any of Detroit's four defeats.
    Referee win/loss chart for our Pistons:

    - Stern has a hell of a mess to clean up. And this all started because ONE referee got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. And all this after all the controversy that plagued the league the last two playoffs.
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    I knew there was cheating in the NBA.


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    Sheed knows what's up. He called a snake a snake.

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