2021 San Antonio Spurs NBA Draft Lottery Preview and Odds

The 2021 NBA draft lottery is going to take place tonight at 8:30 pm ET. It is an exciting year with many promising players to choose from. Wondering what selection spot the Spurs will get, and which players they might draft? Let’s go over our 2021 San Antonio Spurs NBA draft preview and odds.

2021 San Antonio Spurs NBA Draft Odds

Here are the lottery odds ESPN reports this year for the Spurs:

  • Average pick: 11.3
  • No. 1: 1.7%
  • Top four: 8.1%

It seems most likely given the odds that the Spurs will get 12th pick.

What Players Might the Spurs Consider Drafting in the 2021 NBA Draft?

Here are a few possible draft picks for the Spurs tonight:

  • Kessier Edwards: The Spurs might consider Edwards both for his impressive defensive capabilities and for his excellent stats with respect to rim efficiency, threes, and blocks.
  • Evan Mobley: It isn’t likely the Spurs will actually get agile big man Evan Mobley, but he would be a great fit. He is amazing at passing and blocking, and one of the top prospects in the draft all around. So, even though he is a long shot, we still wanted to list him.
  • Roko Prkacin: Prkacin is a pretty good defender, and shows a lot of promise at a young age. CBS reports of Prkacin (and Ariel Hukporti), “Matching them up against other prospective NBA players will be important to proving their future value in the league and strong showings could thrust their stock on an upward trajectory, similarly to how Luka Samanic did in 2019.”
  • Miles “Deuce” McBride: This combo guard is one of the top shooters in the draft, and also brings exciting defensive capabilities to the court. These are both things the Spurs need, so he would make another great pick this year.
  • Moses Moody: As this guard/forward can play well in multiple positions, he can bring more flexibility to the Spurs.
  • Corey Kispert: Another top shooter to consider drafting is Corey Kispert. He has shown impressive consistency, and is closing in on joining the 50/40/90 club.
  • Franz Wagner: This forward has areas where he could use some improvement, including shooting threes. He has proven that he is capable of progressing rapidly, however. For example, he has become a more capable defender of late. So, while he needs a significant amount of development, that is an area where the Spurs have always excelled. They could be the right team to make good use of Wagner.

The players above are just a few possibilities for the Spurs during tonight’s draft. There are plenty of other options that might make for good fits on the team.

How to Watch the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery Tonight

Now you have some thoughts on what to expect for the 2021 San Antonio Spurs NBA draft. How can you watch? Tune in on ESPN or the ESPN App at 8:30 pm ET. The draft lottery will take place right before Clippers-Suns Game 2.