Allen Iverson Tells Tim Duncan ‘Snitch’ Story, Praises Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich

A recent interview featuring NBA legend Allen Iverson has gone viral due to AI’s interesting comments and stories involving his 17-season career. A bit of his interview touched upon a humorous situation involving fellow Hall of Famer Tim Duncan. Iverson also praised several coaches who he felt were great influences on him, including the San Antonio Spurs’ Gregg Popovich.

Iverson Recalls Time Tim Duncan ‘Snitched’

Allen Iverson sat down with former players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson for Showtime Basketball’s new All the Smoke episode. The interview comes in at nearly two hours with plenty of nuggets from the former star of the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets.

That included one tale involving Spurs legend Tim Duncan. AI and Duncan were among the featured stars on the United States basketball team’s roster back in 2004.

The memory Iverson shared wasn’t about an on-court highlight, though. Instead, it involved someone playing a prank on him.

“We were in our dorm, and I was asleep. And I woke up and had peanut butter between my feet and all in my hands and a [expletive] tickling my face. I slapped my face — peanut butter everywhere. Tim snitched on who did it,” Iverson recalled.

Iverson added that it was thanks to Tim snitching on that certain someone that allowed him to get revenge on the culprit.

“Trust me, something happened after that. You can ask Tim about it, or you can ask the person I had the altercation with,” Iverson told Jackson and Barnes.

Iverson didn’t tell who Duncan snitched on, leaving it up in the air for guesses. As captain of the team, it appears Tim was just doing his duty to help out his guys.

The 2004 roster also included Stephon Marbury, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, and Richard Jefferson, among others. Duncan and Iverson were the only two All-Stars with that squad only getting the gold medal at the Summer Olympics, while Manu Ginobili and Argentina captured gold.

AI praises Coaches Including Gregg Popovich

That 2004 Team USA squad featured an excellent coaching staff as well. It included now-retired Larry Brown as head coach and current Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich as an assistant.

Brown has ties to the San Antonio Spurs, as he coached the team from 1988 until he was fired in early 1992. However, he was responsible for bringing the team to two Midwest Division championships during his short time there. He was coaching stars including Sean Elliott and David Robinson before Pop took them to the NBA Finals.

Allen Iverson has a strong connection with Larry Brown, who coached him for years, and developed a close bond with the point guard in Philadelphia. AI brought up both Brown and Popovich when discussing that he could tell Steve Nash would become a coach one day.

“I knew it with Steve Nash because he has so much to offer to our sport because he’s excellent, he’s a great person. I never had the luxury of being around him a lot, but just hearing stories from others… He’s just a beautiful man,” Iverson said. 

“Shout out to you, Steve, I wanna see you do great man. I wanna see you become a legendary Gregg Popovich, Larry Brown type influence in peoples’ lives like they were to me,” Iverson added.

“You know Gregg Popovich was so great to me from far away. Always supportive…Just excellent,” Iverson said.

It’s clear that both Popovich and Brown played a major part in shaping the legend of AI, which helped the league progress quite a bit. Popovich continues to be a part of that progress to this day, with the guys on All the Smoke show suggesting Larry Brown needs to be connected somehow. Visit the Spurs news page for more team and player updates.