Report: Becky Hammon to be New Head Coach for Las Vegas Aces

Recent reports reveal that Becky Hammon’s tenure with the San Antonio Spurs is drawing to a close. The assistant will soon be making her way to Las Vegas, where she will become the new head coach for the Las Vegas Aces. Let’s take a closer look at this development and what it may signal for the future of the Aces, the Spurs, and Hammon’s career.

The New Head Coach for the Las Vegas Aces Will Reportedly be Becky Hammon

These reports come from “sources,” but multiple major news outlets have stated the same thing. The Athletic, for example, says that sources have spoken directly to reporters at the publication. ESPN says the same thing in its report. That means that we have every reason to assume that this is reliable news.

The sources stated that Hammon will not leave for Las Vegas immediately, but will instead remain with the Spurs until the season is complete. For a long time now, many Spurs fans have assumed that Hammon would perhaps be the one to take over for head coach Gregg Popovich after he retires from the Spurs. Rumors suggest that Pop may retire in around 1-2 years time. But as Hammon is going to Las Vegas, that means someone else is may need to take over for Pop when that comes to pass (unless, that is, Hammon comes back in time to take the position).

In June, the Portland Trail Blazers interviewed Hammon for the position of head coach. But the team ended up choosing Chauncey Billups for the role. Previously, Hammon talked to the AP about how challenging it is to get a head coaching job in the NBA due to just how few positions tend to open at any given time. Other teams that have interviewed her for head coach include Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks, and Houston Rockets.

How Hammon Will Fit with the Aces

How will Hammon’s transition to the Aces work? CBS says, “Hammon is expected to finish the NBA season with the Spurs. Their final regular-season game is set for April 10, and they are currently in 10th place in the Western Conference, which means a deep playoff run is unlikely. It’s possible that Hammon could miss a portion of training camp with the Aces, but she should be done with her NBA responsibilities well before WNBA opening day on May 6.”

Previously, there were not even rumors that current Aces head coach Bill Laimbeer was going anywhere. He has only been in the position for three years now. Thus, many fans and pundits have reacted to this news with surprise. Plus, other WNBA teams also could have been enticing destinations for Hammon, especially the New York Liberty. Still, the Aces make sense for Hammon, considering that she played for them before. Back then, the team was called the San Antonio Silver Stars. In fact, that was where she was just prior to becoming a Spurs assistant coach in August 2014.

When Hammon joined the Spurs in that position, she made history. She was the first woman to ever become a fulltime NBA assistant coach. In 2020, she made history again when she became the first woman to take over as acting head coach during an NBA game.

Hammon’s contract with the Aces will span five years. Reportedly, this deal will make her the WNBA’s highest paid coach. She should be an ideal fit for the Aces since she brings experience as both a former player for the franchise and a coaching assistant. By uniting both, she may be able to give the Aces the direction they are looking for right now.