Dejounte Murray Criticizes Spurs’ Strategy

The San Antonio Spurs recently traded Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks. Now, Murray has some surprising things to say about the Spurs’ strategy. Indeed, some fans are none too happy to hear how critical he has been about his former team. Let’s take a look at his comments and how fans reacted.

Dejounte Murray Had This to Say About the Spurs’ Strategy

It all started when Dejounte Murray posted about how excited he is to feel “free” and “wanted” since the trade.

While it started innocently enough, Murray ended up firing back at some upset fans. The conversation then progressed to this:

One fan writes that “at least we got the picks and we’re building around Keldon.” Murray then responds that with the system as it is, the Spurs can expect to lose for the next 15 years. He adds, “Problem Bigger Than Basketball.”

There is some ambiguity around precisely what aspect of the Spurs’ strategy Murray was criticizing. Given the context around it, it seems like it has something to do with roster issues. What is extra unclear is what he means by “Problem Bigger Than Basketball.” This sounds like a veiled dig at PATFO, but we may be reading into it a bit much.

Alas, it is unlikely that Murray will provide any further commentary. What would he do to improve the situation if he were the one in charge of the Spurs? On that, too, he will probably remain silent.

As for Spurs fans taking Murray’s comments personally, that seems like a bit much. While fans may disagree about whether the Spurs’ strategy is the right one, front office and coaching decisions are open to criticism. In fact, criticizing something is often an attempt to open dialogue that could lead to improvements. There is nothing inherently disloyal or unkind about that.

As for Murray’s initial exuberant tweet, it is understandable why fans reacted negatively. By saying he was free, he did make it sound like the Spurs were a cage. Nonetheless, he most likely did not mean anything by it. Like any talented player, he is excited to see what he is capable of and how he can grow in a different situation. There is nothing wrong with him being excited for his future, even if he did make a poor choice of wording regarding his past. When the Spurs recruited Murray, that was not personal. Neither is his departure. His tweets probably are not either.

Hopefully over the next season, both Murray and the Spurs will continue their development. Parting ways with Murray is painful in the short-term, but the trade is likely the best path for both him individually and the Spurs to achieve their goals. If Murray provides any further clarification on his criticisms of the Spurs’ approach, we will let you know.