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  1. No Authority In Dallas Leading To Same Old ****
  2. The Packers remaining schedule
  3. Jamaal Charles/Alex Smith
  4. Driving up from LA to Oakland this weekend
  5. Week 9 NFL Picks
  6. John Fox hospitalized
  7. "If we don't play better pass defense Drew Brees will throw for 700 yards" - Rex
  8. Week 9 Game Thread Sponsored By Jeff Tuel
  9. Some say it can't be done. I will now hit 71% of my picks.
  10. Panters D is gonna eat Kaepernick alive next week... in SF
  11. you fools saying teams "got exposed" ...
  12. Week 9 Black QB Thread, with a new feature: The White QB Addendum
  13. would you rather a white or black quarterback?
  14. Richie Incognito suspended..
  15. Voodoo?
  16. Texans Coach Kubiak Collapses on the Field
  17. Case Keenum
  18. Why is LaVar Arrington a regular guest on NFL AM?
  19. Non shitty MNF : Packers vs Bears
  20. Sad Day For The Colts
  21. Your Top 5 According to the Numbers
  22. NFL to add a second team to Jacksonville
  23. Harlem's Power Rankings: Week 9, tbh..
  24. Appreciation thread for the toughest wide receiver to ever put a helmet on
  25. Rodgers with broken collarbone: out indefinately
  26. Almost everytime there's some bad news in this league
  27. *** Niners ***
  28. Hail to the Redskins! Skins vs Vikes tonight!
  29. this team.
  30. RW vs AL vs RGIII
  31. 49ers are a bunch of overrated little bitches
  32. Peyton Manning to miss 5 weeks
  33. Week 10 Picks
  34. ***Week 10 Game Thread sponsored by my upset over djohn***
  35. Kubiak's job not safe?
  36. I really don't understand the Newton hate, tbh
  37. Thoughts on the Hail Mary today...
  38. Which team is most reliant on it's defense, tbh?..
  39. Which team is most reliant on its offense, tbh
  40. What are the odds Bob Costas ...
  41. I'm sorry to all of you....
  42. Most first downs in a game
  43. How many wins will the NFC East division winner have?
  44. ***The Official Race to the 2014 #1 Pick Thread***
  45. Games the Cowboys should've won since 2011
  46. More likely to be a troll..
  47. Nick Foles Has More TD Passes than RG3, Kaepernick, & Cum Newton
  48. Jerry Jones admits it was a mistake to fire Rob Ryan
  49. Pop Open a Can of Fresca 2008 Detroit Lions
  50. Week 10 Black QB Report Card w/ Midterm Grades
  51. Texans release Reed
  52. Why haven't the Bucs quit yet?
  53. Opie Garrett Said I Should Have Taken Out Romo and Bryant
  54. Broncos V Chiefs
  55. Harlem's Power Rankings: Week 10, tbh..
  56. Jason Garrett is a Homosexual
  57. Where is that damn LOL Texans troll?
  58. Your Top 5 According to the Numbers after Week 10
  59. TO is upset, not salty, about teams, 49ers in particular, didn't call him up
  60. sons Rob tore it up on Bourbon street after the game Sunday night
  61. Manning, Brees, Rodg....
  62. Week 11 Picks: Are they serious with the SF-NO line???
  63. Carolina over NE or 49ers over Saints?
  64. TNF: Colts at Titans
  65. Will Johny Football survive with the right coach and team?
  66. Where will Big Ben be next year-- make your prediction now
  67. Been waitin' to put a beating on NE since Week 2
  68. Week 11 Game Thread sponsored by the Cum Newton Dynasty
  69. Would any team give much for Phillip Rivers?
  70. I wonder where the Redskins would be...
  71. Monkeyball in Oakland might be coming to an end already
  72. Real talk - Is anyone surprised the Chiefs are getting stomped?
  73. Exclusive footage of Cam preparing for the Patriots
  74. sons that hit on Brees was f*cked up
  75. **MNF Thread (NE @ CAR) sponsored by Tom Brady's retirement party (donation accepted)
  76. The Annual "We Beat The Patriots In The Regular Season" Trophy Award
  77. Week 11 Black QB Report Card: Chimpin' Ain't Easy
  78. The toilet bowl sponsored by the #1 pick
  79. The talking point of NFLN today: 49ers missing the playoffs?
  80. Out of all the head coaches, offensive coordinators, or defensive coordinators....
  81. Feel bad for the Pats, tbh..
  82. I make a motion to have November 18th a state holiday.
  83. NFL Ref Roy Ellison being investigated for verbal abuse..
  84. I'm pullin for the panthers
  85. dat Hit on Brees....
  86. Does Steve Smith have little man syndrome, tbh?..
  87. Peyton Manning gets rid of the ball quick
  88. :lmao Broncos sign Michael Huff
  89. Carolina or NO?
  90. Top 5 this week
  91. Life After Avante In The NFL Forum
  92. looks like mcnabb was right about rg3
  93. The Steelers are becoming that darkhorse team again...
  94. Week 12 Picks
  95. Dispelling the myth that the Saints "struggle on the road"
  96. Where is Harlem's gay ass report, tbh?
  97. Jason Garrett might not return
  98. Classless Assholes at Atlanta Falcons Game Thread
  99. Thursday Night Football Thread: Saints at Falcons
  100. DoK
  101. Banning "nigga" in the NFL?
  102. Jerry Jones looking to retire within 5-10 years
  103. Jaguars vs Texans Thread sponsored by the right to pick Carr #1 Overall
  104. Denver at New England
  105. Football on your phone
  106. Week 12 game thread sponsored by Matt Schaub's wife
  107. Report: Megatron growing tired of losing, wants out of Detroit
  108. The Cards...
  109. Brady > Manning
  110. So... who is the favorite to win the Super Bowl....
  111. If Saints win in Seattle ... Drew Brees will be your MVP
  112. Wes Welker..
  113. LMAO at Andrew Luck > Cam
  114. RGIII asked Redskins not to show his bad plays
  115. Chimp-Down 2013: S.F. @ Wash, Sponsored by National Geographic and Chiquita Bananas
  116. Brandon Browner reportedly facing 1 year suspension
  117. ESPN Finally Admits That Monkeyball Is A Failure
  118. Packers are a 10 win team without Rodgers
  119. Top 5 after Week 12
  120. Monkey balling>pocket passing
  121. Kirk Cousins is better than RGIII
  122. With the #1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft
  123. Week 13 Picks Thread
  124. In 5 years, who are your top 8 QB, tbh?
  125. RG3 demands trade, tbh..
  126. ***Thanksgiving Day Game Thread***
  127. Official 2013 Thanksgiving Day Game Thread
  128. :lmao Raiders
  129. No LyfE Scrub
  130. Week 13 Game Thread sponsored by Trent Richardson's benching
  131. Philbillys hosting Cinci Bengals
  132. Tomlin to be fined 6 figures, Steelers lose draft pick for stepping on field
  133. Philly or Cowgirls?
  134. MNF Game Thread - New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks
  135. Nick Foles, is he the truth, tbh?
  136. Pats spying again?
  137. TNF Turd Game Thread - Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars
  138. Is Josh Gordon a top 5 WR?
  139. LOL Classy assholes
  140. Russell Wilson
  141. Put up or shut up No Lyfe
  142. The best back.....
  143. Monkeyballer
  144. Is Drew Brees the greatest system QB of all time
  145. ***Official Spurstalk Money League Playoff thread***
  146. Can Cam be the next Warren Moon, tbh?
  147. Replace Romo with these media darling QB's
  148. Your top 10 QB list so far?
  149. Top 5 after Week 13
  150. ESPN's MVP watch
  151. Why don't the Patriots ever play the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day?
  152. 10 things I would change....
  153. This could be the year...
  154. Andre Johnson
  155. Holden
  156. LOLOL Texans
  157. Niners vs Seahawks
  158. Russell Wilson is NFL's real MVP
  159. Fantasy WR Help
  160. Gary Kubiak fired
  161. Marciano
  162. Week 14 Picks Thread
  163. Today's the day....
  164. Ron Burgundy interviews Peyton Manning
  165. WHO DAT?
  166. Panthers aren't playoff contenders
  167. Doesn't it piss...
  168. Wise Guys
  169. Week 14 Game Thread sponsored by Hornets78 Vs. N0 LyF3 ScRuB this Sunday on PPV
  170. :cry RIP in piece Based Gronk :cry
  171. CROFL Redskins
  172. Ravens/Vikings
  173. Ok I need a win...
  174. :lol Gronk
  175. Seahawks: fall short as everyonelaughs at Tlong
  176. Seahawks : 49ers go balls deep on Portland Seahawks
  177. Greasy Pats ride (what else?) bogus interference call for bogus win
  178. "The Carolina Panthers aren't built to come back from a lead like this"
  179. Need some advice picking the game tomorrow night (no Avante allowed, tbh)
  180. Brees becomes fastest QB in NFL history to reach 50,000 yards
  181. Football was never meant to be......
  182. MNF: Average Team vs Mediocrity
  183. sons allow N0 LyF3 ScRuB to continue to post. he is very upset right now
  184. GG Holden
  185. Should I pick up Matt Flynn for next week?
  186. CJ1K to be released after the season
  187. Avante
  188. Who would you start?
  189. RG3 Benched for Cousins
  190. Jerry Jones: I love Monte Kiffin
  191. My bold prediction--and inevitably my worst football take ever
  192. Who Would You Start?
  193. Top 5 after Week 14
  194. TNF: Chargers at Broncos
  195. sons we can LOL at good teams when they struggle, but the reality this season is ...
  196. Hey BR, you got some balls - or are you still a little punk bitch?
  197. Fivehead chokes against the Chargers AGAIN
  198. sons real talk even though it won't happen, Brees should win MVP over Manning ...
  199. RG3's benching was performance-based, according to report
  200. Who should i start?
  201. johnsmith
  202. Will the Bengals earn a 1st round bye?
  203. Anyone down for some Madden PS4 style?
  204. Rosedgers won't start vs the Cowboys
  205. Cam Newton GIF Animation Highlight Reel
  206. SD Chargers GIF/accomplishment thread for 2013
  207. Bobby Hebert Appreciation Thread
  208. Texans suck balls
  209. Week 15 game thread sponsored by no one else wanted to start it tbh
  210. who should i start???
  211. Cousins>Luck
  212. Are the Seahawks the guest team in the NFL?
  213. LOL ESPN can put their boners away for the Patriots already
  214. Jamaal Charles
  215. Carolina Panthers MVP?..
  216. cowboys :lol
  217. Atlanta Hawks troll Tony Romo on Twitter
  218. Dallas Cowboys release Jerry Jones
  219. Seattle car dealer out $420K after Seahawks’ shutout victory of Giants
  220. Official Week 16 predict Kirk Cousins' stat line vs that shit defense thread
  221. Russell Wilson
  222. MNF: Ravens vs Lions sponsored by the Decepticons
  223. MNF: Ravens @ Lions, sponsored by playoff implications and DeadlyDynasty's new team
  224. Could this be the season.....
  225. 2013 Avante betting tracker
  226. Bridgewater may not declare for draft
  227. Matthew Stafford
  228. Dez Bryant!!!
  229. Guess Cam's stats against NO this weekend
  230. Is Tucker the Next Great Kicker?
  231. Garrett Hartley Gets Pink Slip
  232. Terrance West Towson
  233. Playoffs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  234. Active QB's and their playoff records…will update this year
  235. Teams That Have Never Won A Superbowl
  236. ***The Official 2014 NFL Draft Thread***
  237. So last time I went to a Raider game...
  238. ST Bowl Pick Em' Money League
  239. McShay Just Dropped His First Mock Draft
  240. 3 years ago today, Michael Vick led a crazy comeback against the Giants
  241. Future for the San Diego Chargers could be sunnier in San Antonio
  242. creature from Alabama attacks Colin Cowherd
  243. Are you in the SB in any of your FF leagues?
  244. Lock of the Year
  245. Week 16 Picks
  246. Week 16 Game Thread brought to you by the following sponsors
  247. Peyton Manning Single Season Passing Yards Record Watch Thread
  248. Who dat? More like who cares?
  249. Seriously, though.. if there was any doubt about who the DPOV should be...
  250. SF and AZ exposed the weakness in Russel Wilson's game