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  2. europe has too many slots :cry the rest of the world needs more. :cry
  3. mourninho commentary thread
  4. Why C. Ronaldo is an international Champ and Messi isnt.
  5. VAR
  6. Wanker has a point, tbh
  7. 200 international caps
  8. The Official Qatar 2022 World Cup Thread
  9. Modric, tbh..
  10. Footage of Messi Fanboys supporting their GOAT..
  11. Son, the media are finally telling the truth about Midget
  12. LOL Naldo fan boys
  13. Is this the most entertaining group stage of all time?
  14. RIP DieGod suffers heart attack after Nigeria game
  15. DFENS
  16. LOL Germany
  17. Euro countries without immigrants playing are going to be extinct
  18. Now that Daddy Germany are out, zero excuses for Messi..
  19. A Messi-Ronaldo Quarterfinal
  20. Ranking the Confederations based on Points Per Team
  21. South America tops Europe in the group stages
  22. Now that Daddy Messi is out, zero excuses for CRonaldo..
  23. Ideas to improve the Argie team situation
  24. Midget and Penaldo OUT
  25. Russia Have topped Distance Run and Sprint Times in the WC by a wide margin...
  26. Macico is a team at the level of Costa Rica nothing more
  27. Infantino is looking to abolish the Confed Cup for a more conpetitive Club World Cup.
  28. Maradona says AfricaEnglish win over Colombia was THEFT
  29. AFRICA reaches its first World Cup Final
  30. The Official Belgium-Croatia Third Place Game Thread
  31. Top 3 World Cup Players so far?
  32. Does anyone watch Cero Immobile?
  33. Its coming home lads!!!
  34. Modric for Golden ball winner
  35. Congratulations to France (and Frica) 2018 World Cup Champions!!!!!
  36. Babes of the 2022 Quatar World Cup
  37. Congrats the white racist corrupts tbh..
  38. Welcome to the 2+ stars club France
  39. Americans actually think the MLS is the 8th best league in the world...
  40. Slobodan Milošević dancing in his grave
  41. Instances when the best team didn't win the title that year (WC, Euro ,CL, etc..)
  42. 2018 France Are Asterisk Champions
  43. Lefty 1, Buffon 0
  44. Mesut Özil quits the German NT due to "racism"
  45. psg watch
  46. The EPLol official 2018-19 official thread
  47. The Black Soccer Culture No One Knew Existed
  48. YIKES
  49. Listen to the Kids’: How Atlanta Became the Black Soccer Capital of America
  50. 2 point shot
  51. Ribéry's dive today
  52. Tracking Soccer Stats This Season?
  53. Salah is the most unselfish superstar ive seen in a long long time..
  54. La Liga 18-19 thread
  55. FC Lewandowski CURRENTLY: Bayern München
  56. It's not anime, it actually happened in real life
  57. 18-19 Champions League
  58. 2018-19 UEFA Nations League
  59. FIFA player of the year award
  60. LMAO Africa
  61. I'll be seeing my first ever European football matches in person - Barca/Bilbao Napoli/Liverpool and Juventus/Udinese
  62. Ronaldo accused of raping woman
  63. So Ronaldo 7 Goals in 10 games in Calcio Italiano...
  64. 2018 MLS Cup Playoffs
  65. Lol Mejico
  66. The duopolly is over, Modric won the Ballon D'Or
  67. Pelé says Maradona much better than Messi
  68. FIFA Club World Cup
  69. lol the special one sacked
  70. Am i the only who thinks Goal Scorers are still by far the most valuable players..
  71. Invest in Acadamis..Only to improve a national team.
  72. Official Argie NT thread
  73. Watch Copa del Rey Semi-final: Real Madrid VS Barcelona Live 2019
  74. 2019 EPL player so far?
  75. What makes Hazard better than Sterling?
  76. I Don't Watch MLS Any More
  77. 1990 WC: Brazil vs Argentina
  78. EURO 2020 Qualifying
  79. Midget: Without me, Barca would be the same. Without Barca, I would be nothing.
  80. « The Champions »
  81. Iker Casillas suffers a heart attack
  82. Another year; another epic comeback in Soccer's biggest team competition..
  83. If Messi wins Ballon D or over Van dijk...
  84. R9 calls out the hypocrisy pf messitards.
  85. Diego Simeone implies Messi is a System Player. Would take ronaldo over messi
  86. The Mercato thread
  87. FIFA U-20 World Cup
  88. RIP Jose Antonio Reyes
  89. The Official Women’s World Cup Thread
  90. AFCON 2019
  91. Copa America 2019
  92. Barça outrageously stealeing some clásicos . . .
  93. Neymar back to Barcelona?
  94. Michel Platini arrested
  95. Luis Enrique out as Spain coach
  97. Official 2019 Gold Cup Thead
  98. The 2 GOATS finally meet. History has been made.
  99. The Official MLS Thread
  100. Let's take a moment to laugh at midget's 18-19 season :lmao
  101. Atlético Madrid could have it's thread too . . .
  102. Real Madrid in Montreal for some days
  103. Damn lol
  104. Anyone interested in a Fantasy Premeire League mini-league from this forum?
  105. Official 2019-20 EPL Thread
  106. 19-20 The CHAMPIONS League
  107. DAZN Canada has lost rights to La Liga, BeIN Sports has also been removed from the package
  108. Homosexuals mad at MLS
  109. Will be attending Barca vs Getafe/Madrid Derby (same night!) and then Barca vs Inter and Sevilla
  110. What happened to tottenham?
  111. International friendlies thread
  112. Poshittino sacked
  113. The Champions Season 3
  114. Euro 2020 draw
  115. Van Dijk was robbed
  116. Copa America 2020 draw
  117. rest of the soccer worlds biggest fear is african americans playing soccer in america
  118. This is the fight against racism campaign Serie A came up with
  119. Liverpool wins 1:0 vs Flamengo to win the Club World Cup 2019
  120. Sergio Aguero breaks scoring record for non english players. On pace to score the most ever in PL
  121. Tottenham > Inter
  122. The official 19/20 La Liga & Copa del Rey thread was missing so I made one . . .