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  1. Rand Paul Fan Club President Starts Rand Paul Thread
  2. Memo Justifying Legal Assassination of US Citizens Without Due Process
  3. Should Cruise Missiles Target Saudis?
  4. IRS official at heart of Tea Party scandal retires
  5. Danger looms
  6. What does heathcare.gov say about your options under ACA?
  7. Senator Ted Cruz
  8. Evolution Died 20 years ago........
  9. Why Repugs LOVE voter disenfranchisement
  10. When Vladimir freaking Putin
  11. Gallup: Tea Party Support Dwindles to Near-Record Low
  12. AR5
  13. Bansk Trying to Kill Federal Credit Unions
  14. School House Rock
  15. Taibbi Rips Banksters: Looting the Pension Funds
  16. Anthony Bourdain with the Goods.
  18. How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers
  19. wow Texas First Lady Calls Abortion ‘A Woman’s Right’
  20. If Republicans Want To Shut Down Washington, They'll Have To Ask China's Permission
  21. the war against democracy continues...
  22. Freedom of Religion in Mississippi: "Remove That Rag"
  23. 5 Industries That Are Mercilessly Robbing the American People
  24. Hillary documentary cancelled
  25. Is John Boehner the weakest Speaker in history?
  26. *****Official Government Shutdown Gamethread*****
  27. The truth is, Americans love Obamacare
  28. Climate Activists Need to Dial Back on the Panic
  29. Initial attempts to sign up for ObamaCare go about as well as expected
  30. muh septillion
  31. ACA IT exemplifies: Kludgeocracy in America
  32. Piers Morgan Interviews Jesse Ventura on Government Shutdown & JFK Conspiracy
  33. The Tea Party Over Played Their Hand - Now Looking For Obama To Bail Them Out
  34. Texas Governor’s Trips to Lure Jobs Stir Skepticism Over Motive
  35. WWII vets enter closed memorial
  36. Texas Water
  37. GOP really, really want's something...
  38. I've been bumping around the exchange...
  39. GOP donors revolting against party
  40. Millions of Poor Are Left Uncovered by Health Law
  41. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnel caught on mic
  42. Bernstein goes full boutons
  43. The Horrors of the Shutdown.
  44. "@Reuters: Illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses under new California law
  45. Stop blaming James Madison for the shutdown By Valerie Strauss
  46. Gunfire on Capitol Hill
  47. Great big fat Republican on the shutdown
  48. Data suggests guns do in fact kill people
  49. Fox's Varney On Furloughed Federal Employees: "I Want To Punish These People"
  50. Obama: make life as difficult as you can
  51. A legend dies
  52. pentagons new robot can go over hills, can't be knocked over..
  53. My Goal: Help 50 People Enroll For Obama Care
  54. Swiss to vote on 2,500 franc basic income for every adult
  55. where's sense of crisis? only 17% of govt. is shutdown
  56. Face it....only China can really shut down America.......
  57. US Forces Hit Extremists Behind E. Africa Attacks
  58. Extra Helpings of Feces, Pus and Chlorine: It's What's For Dinner
  59. Republicans Move To Sell Off 3.3 Million Acres Of Public Lands
  60. You Stay Classy, Frat Rat Repugs
  61. rich people just care less
  62. 11 days to D-day
  63. McCutcheon v. the Federal Election Commission,
  64. McCutcheon v. the Federal Election Commission,
  65. Apple: $10Bs offshore, but not resident in any country for tax purposes
  66. Why did Germany surrender in WWI despite no foreign occupation of the Fatherland?
  67. GOP will be dared to filibuster debt ceiling: Harry Reid makes his move
  68. another obamacare thread (lulz provided in bold)
  69. Fourth reich forming now
  70. So which House GOP are going to cross over to prevent shutdown.
  71. Feds Try to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown
  72. Bubba Eruption!!
  73. Krugman getting absolutely eviscerated by Niall Ferguson
  74. Obama and the Debt
  75. AP: Obama approval rating plummets to 37%
  76. Chris Christie compliments Democrat challenger in debate
  77. Dr. James Fetzer on the JFK Assassination (WIBA RADIO AUDIO)
  78. Republicans hit all-time low in Gallup poll. 28%, tbh
  79. republican party favorability drops to record low
  80. Parry: Making the Economy ‘Scream’
  81. Nate Silver on the Shutdown
  82. Some Info On the New Chair of the Fed
  84. How much has your premium gone up or down?
  85. Is red state america seceding?
  86. House GOP is Nuts
  87. Obama is Destroying the GOP as we Know it..
  88. Need for Third Party Reaches New High
  89. Top Nuke Commanders Terminated Following Missing Nuclear Warheads Report
  90. Huge Victory for California Gun Owners
  91. LOL
  92. We Are Witnessing The Death Throes Of The Republican Party
  93. Anti-government anger fuels long-shot Maryland breakaway bid
  94. Why Do Liberals Believe What They Believe?
  95. China is pissed
  96. ***The Official White Guilt Crew sign-up thread***
  97. HuffPo addresses VERY important issue
  98. The creeping communism in America
  99. Michael Lind: The South is holding America hostage
  100. Maher: Obama "centrism" driven by fear of assassination and other WTF moments
  101. EBT card glitch causes chaos at Louisianna Walmart
  102. The Obama administration has gone rogue
  103. In honor of my other "peak" thread that kept getting deleted
  104. jewish perverted devices are destroying our culture
  105. The I can't go to sleep so I'll post something thread
  106. More government shut down horror...
  107. Mainstream baffled as French turn to far right
  108. Shake your Peaches
  109. Corporate Welfare: More than half of U.S. fast food workers on public aid
  110. We Lost The Presidential Election After Billionaire Backing And Now We're Mad As Hell
  111. Republican Peter King: "This Party Is Going Nuts"
  112. China: "It's Time To Build A De-Americanized World"
  113. I don't understand something....
  114. So are they really really going to default?
  115. LOL Repubs: Rush Limbaugh: "One Of The Greatest Political Disasters I've Ever Seen"
  116. Blue Team -- Let me hear ya sing it!!!
  117. Sorry, Kids. We Ate It All
  118. House Democrats End GOP Shutdown - Temporarily
  119. Boehner taps Dems to push budget deal across finish line
  120. So GOP Texans, will you vote for Cruz in the primary next time round?
  121. Cuccinelli: It is “amazing” that God hasn’t punished America for abortion
  122. As Seen On John Boehner's Facebook Page
  123. The Risks of a 2nd Civil War
  124. the new fight new normal
  125. Go Tea Party!
  126. Texas toll road rating cut by Moody's due to default risk
  127. Chase banking scam
  128. Terrible news guy
  129. Study: tea party smarter than libs on science
  130. Israel may be prepping for attack soon
  131. Tea Party Patriot Hero Defends Enrolling his 10 Kids in Medicaid
  132. Orrin Hatch: Heritage Foundation risks ‘losing its clout’
  133. Mitch McConnell. Genius
  134. crime in Mexico
  135. urban areas, development, and cancer
  136. What does boutons do for a living?
  137. Ken Cuccinelli’s voter purge in Virginia
  138. God Crazy
  139. Wendy Davis and Texas's War On Women Voters
  140. rich girl writes online essay about poor people making her feel bad
  141. JPMorgan in $4 billion deal with U.S. housing agency
  142. The Tea Party’s Wasted Energy
  143. Boehner is compromised
  144. St Ronnie was wrong (iow, he was a Repug), government is NOT the problem
  145. Mexican druglord gunned down by clowns
  146. Neil owns Barry
  147. Jeb Bush To Ted Cruz: 'Show A Little Self-Restraint'
  148. Sean Hannity Gets Fact-Checked Hard On Obamacare Claims
  149. Argentina links health problems to chemicals in farming
  150. The America of Kock Bros/BigCoal/BigCarbon : No EPA, No CWA, no environmental regs
  151. Would Democrats embrace JFK now?
  152. Snowden at it Again
  153. France, Mexico irate over NSA spying
  154. Snowden strikes again! Mexico/France furious!
  155. France, repulsed. Mexico, nauseous. NSA, unapologetic.
  156. LOL Mexico, LOL France
  157. "Here we go agaiiiiiiiiiin", rapper DMX reports more NSA spying on France/Mexico
  158. "Sacrebleu", says the French. "No me espies", the Mexican. NSA won't admit a thing.
  159. France, OMG! Mexico, WTF! Snowden, told you so!
  160. Brazil and FkLA, get in here and :downspin: dis
  161. France to halt exportation of crepes, Mexico tamales. Stop the spying the demand!
  162. Initial attempts to sign up for ObamaCare go about as well as expected; NSA spying
  163. Hey TSA, Why 7 DIFFERENT threads on NSA spying on Mexicon & France?
  164. Rand Paul pushes constitutional amendment on Congress
  165. The Ocean is broken
  166. TSA thread! Security Check Now Starts Long Before You Fly
  167. Parent files bullying complaint over 91-0 football loss
  168. While Bandar Bush furies at US, US overtakes Saudi as largest oil producer
  169. LOL Obamacare website
  170. Conspiracies; 5 things they don't want you to know. cc: galileo, sa210
  171. Federal Court Mulling Delay of Texas Abortion Law
  172. GOP at Crossroads
  173. Affordable Care Act Anecdotes - if you have 'em post 'em
  174. November 5th: TX Constitutional Amendments
  175. 5-Year-Old Texas Boy Kills Himself With Sleeping Babysitter’s Gun
  176. My idea: legalize marijuana, tax it and use the revenues to pay for all our healthcar
  177. NC GOP official resigns after giving voter ID sentiments in interview
  178. Snowden Just Needs to Stop Now....
  179. The High Hidden Cost of Fracking...
  180. Gen Alexander vs the 1st Amendment
  181. japan not interested in sex
  182. Immigration Reform: House Unlikely To Turn To Immigration Anytime Soon
  183. Teflon George
  184. Reason: Small government critics overlook special purpose districts
  185. Life on Earth Was Not a Fluke
  186. Bystander in Chief
  187. The fraud of "free market" Repug Texas and its "free market" anti-regulation fans
  188. Illegals, bogus child tax credits, and Harry Reid's stamp of approval
  189. IsoHunt Resurrected Less Than Two Weeks After $110 Million MPAA Deal
  190. Are these the gun toting child killing evil bubbas boutons is always ranting about?
  191. TSA
  192. TSA, can you fill me in on the Mexico and France stories
  193. Commies Worst Fear: The Fuhrer Didn't Die in that Bunker
  194. Trajedy in America
  195. Comrade Cruz: Send Obama Back to Kenya
  196. US Appeals Court: flipping off police is Constitutionally protected
  197. Progressive Government Fails
  198. Public evenly divided on whether zombies could better run the govt.
  199. Senate GOP blocks POTUS nominees; Senate rules change being discussed.
  200. Shooting at LAX airport
  201. The Pundits Manufactured Outrage Over Cancelled Insurance Policies
  202. Oh stop it, the ACA is already saving money
  203. Lol Joel Osteen
  204. 27 GOP Senators condemn their own votes
  205. Obamacare losers could pack political punch
  206. Reddit politics moderators ban Huffington Post, Fox News
  207. House Passes Deregulation Bill Written by Citigroup
  208. Executive Order -- Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change
  209. Pot Push in D.C. May Spur Congress to Weigh Legalizing
  210. So Why Aren't Yall Talking About Rand Paul Plagarizing “Gattaca’s” Wikipedia Page
  211. Fuku ELE
  212. HIV = AIDS, Fact or Fraud?
  213. Wonderful success story for deregulation
  214. ... ..RandomGuy gets exposed as a shill on youtube
  215. Repug reachout 2013: Boner says ENDA is dead in the House
  216. difference between stocks and sports betting
  217. Election Day - Washington Initiative 522
  218. Election Day 2013 All of Them
  219. US Reported In Panicť After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India, Nigeria
  220. Food stamp cuts hit 9 million elderly and disabled people
  221. India launches first mission to Mars
  222. According to Dick Cheney “Canada is Too Dangerous”.
  223. Bringing back feudalism—is libertarianism an unwitting tool?
  224. Washington says NO to gmo labeling
  225. Makers Versus Takers and the race to entitlement
  226. Gun Fellain ORGY!
  227. Will my Obamacare cover anal rape?
  228. First amendment BAD, second amendment GOOD!
  229. Is Obama The Worst President Of All Time?
  230. The French object to Iran Nuke Deal
  231. Why Are We Still Supporting Israel...Seems The Support Is Always One Sided
  232. Texas and 5 Other States Resist Processing Benefits for Gay Couples
  233. Chinese Americans Protest against ABC's Racial Discrimination Rhetoric
  234. Chemtrails? ‘Mysterious Fibers’ Fall from the Sky in France
  235. Republicans Just Changed The Rules After A Virginia Election To Change The Outcome
  236. Large Majorities Support Raising The Minimum Wage, Tying It To Inflation
  237. Texas Monthly: "Growing Disillusioned with HOAs"
  238. NYT, FT: Bloomberg Spikes Investigative Journalism in China
  239. Forget The 50 States; The U.S. Is Really 11 Nations
  240. this is what libtards want to teach your kids in school
  241. Map: Where is Childhood Homelessness Getting Worse?
  242. Amateur hour in Asian diplomacy
  243. BigPharma Step up its 60-year-old Cholesterol Scam
  244. Philippines Relief Effort
  245. Good read on ethanol
  246. Frickin TX: Railroad Commission Candidates Tout Anti-Abortion Credentials LOL
  247. Richard Cohen Insists That the Tea Party Hates Race-Mixing
  248. Do Democrats Destroy Cities?
  249. Who Killed JFK?
  250. TSA screening works only 'a little better than chance,' according to GAO