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07-21-2008, 11:33 PM
*********Long Rant below************

I get code 80070005 when I tried to rent CreepShow it took my cash damn it. I hardly try the video store my first movie gave me the same code and then would not play when it was download, so slowly I have been trying it out once more. This is my 5th movie to ever download and I get the same issues again. I wanted to like it and watch movies but it never works for me.

I'm done with the video service, I called and knew what they were going to do and I also knew it would not work so I was told to and did.

*Clear the Xbox cache

* Highlight the HD symbol and press Y.
* Press X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, X.

*Go to recent downloads and try it there

*Plug in straight to the modem

*unplug and reset modem

So I did and it did not work. I also hate when they out source there calls. I could not really understand the guy. He said to

*Recover my Gamertag

and it should fix it, He said it will be awhile and if it did not work call back. First call was about 25 mins.

So after I recover I tried and it did not work (what a surprised) I called back and got some guy that was really really hard to understand this time. He wanted me to do everything again. I told him no it's pointless when I just did it all less than 15 mins ago. Then he said I should have not deleted it because that resets the rental. I told him I did not erase it because it will not even download, it took my points but will not download. He then ask me to go to settings>videos and erase any trace of the movie.???????? HELLO!!! did he not listen to what he ask and what I said.

He keeps putting me on hold and after a long time says he will transfer me to a higher up tech. YES, right? WRONG. I was on hold for over 25 mins as seen in this pic


No one ever pick up. My daughter wanted something to snack on and I had already wasted over 1 hour and a half on this so I hung up to attend to my daughter.

Xbox can keep my damn points wasting all that time on it was a big waste for me but I will never used there video service again and will warn my friends about it.

Heath Ledger
07-22-2008, 05:58 AM
i had a similar problem once but have watched dozens of other movies since without any problems.