View Full Version : UT and the 8 seed, other XII thoughts

03-13-2005, 08:26 PM
Real tough matchup with (9) Nevada and then a probable date with big bad (1) Illinois. By the way that the NCAA seeds teams, Texas was the weakest #8, behind Stanford, Pacific, and Minnesota.

OU got a decent draw. Niagara, then the UTEP/Utah winner, then a likely game versus UK.

Okie State has a tough draw for a #2. I'm sure SE Luisiana won't be a problem, but Saint Mary's can really gun in from the outside, SIU is a legit mid-major power, Utah State beat 8th seeded Pacific, suddenly hot LSU, and last years cinderella UAB team along with perennial power Arizona all in their bracket.

If Tech doesn't lose to UCLA in the first round, Gonzaga will hand them their lunch.

Iowa State has the same problem that UT does. They have to get past a stud Minnesota team to get a chance at UNC. Ouch.

I guess I like KU's draw more than anyone elses. After a probable bitch slap of Bucknell, they play the NIU-Wisconsin winner, and then a shot at 7-loss UConn, provided the Huskies get past Charlotte or a lately impressive NC State team.

The Albuquerque bracket looks the least imposing, and the Chicago one seems the most.

I'll take for the sake of this thread Illinois, Kansas, Syracuse and Wake in the final four.

03-13-2005, 08:41 PM
I say no way Kansas makes it to the final four.
I still haven't given the brackets a good look though.

03-14-2005, 04:20 PM
Yeah, Texas as the 8th seed surprised me a bit. The worst part is that if we even win our first round game (my bracket has us losing in the 1st round), we get Illinois next, pack your bags-go home. I thought we were more around a 10 seed for the tournament, and look at our bracket if we were the 10 seed. We would have played S. Illinois (winnable), and then we get OSU, a team we've beaten twice in Big XII play, possibly advance to the sweet 16, that's the most I could hope for with this team, but with our current seed and positioning, we're seriously f**ked!

On the rest of the tournament, man, this thing is WIDE open. Trying to pick my brackets is like trying to drink coffe with a fork, damn hard to almost impossible! I think I've written out my brackets and then re-written them about 2-3 times already! Some of those 1st round matchups are very difficult- Alabama vs. Wisc. Milwaukee, Villanova vs. New Mexico, Charlotte vs. N. Carolina St., Cincinnati vs. Iowa, the list goes on and on. This is one of the more wide open tournaments I've seen in a while. I'm sure my brackets will be re-written AT LEAST 6-7 more times before Thursday. You've gotta love the tournament, is college football taking note of this?

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