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05-18-2009, 11:38 AM
Height: 6-3
Weight: 185 lbs
Birthday: 03/14/1988
College: Davidson

DraftExpress (http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Stephen-Curry-1170/)
nbadraft (http://www.nbadraft.net/players/stephen-curry)

06-03-2009, 01:07 AM
Portland has eyes for Curry

Don't be surprised if the Portland Trail Blazers trade into the lottery, looking to acquire Davidson's Stephen Curry.

The way I hear it, the Blazers (currently picking 24th) are nosing around to trade up and have Curry in their sights. Enough teams are willing to deal down that this is a real possibility. And it would be great for Curry in this regard:

A long-time NBA scout told me months ago that the ideal situation for Curry is to play point guard on a team with a shooting guard who can also handle the ball. That would allow Curry to spot up some, and maximize the impact of his shooting.

The Blazers have just such a player in Brandon Roy. Strikes me as a great match of a player and a system.


06-03-2009, 01:10 AM
If Portland is looking to draft Curry (point guard), then it could mean that either Blake, Sergio or Bayless maybe going out.

06-03-2009, 01:32 AM
Biggest bust factor in the draft.

06-04-2009, 03:43 PM
Curry works out for Bobcats, but eyes Knicks (http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=txcurrysquest&prov=st&type=lgns)
By Mike Cranston

Stephen Curry was back in his hometown, in the practice gym where he’s hoisted hundreds of shots. His father was sitting courtside and his brother watched from the balcony.

Curry was only a few miles from the house he grew up in and a 30-minute drive from where he became a college star at Davidson.

Yet Curry was about 650 miles from where he’d like to start his NBA career.

Shortly after finishing his first pre-draft workout for the Charlotte Bobcats on Thursday, Curry made it clear that playing for New York in Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni’s fast-paced offense is his top choice.

“If I could be picky, yeah, it would be nice to have that kind of setting: Madison Square Garden,” Curry said. “I wouldn’t mind being home here in Charlotte or anywhere else. New York would be fun with the legacy up there, trying to turn that team around.”

The Knicks, picking eighth in the June 25 draft, could be where the sweet-shooting point guard ends up. But following an impressive pre-draft camp performance last week in Chicago, the 6-foot-3 Curry might be gone by then.

Curry said he’s received interest from Oklahoma City, which holds the No. 3 pick. Washington, picking fifth, and Minnesota, at No. 6, need help at point guard. Curry said he’s also heard from Portland, which may try to move from the 24th pick to snag the top scorer in college basketball last season.

But Curry wants to play in New York. Even with Chris Duhon running the point there, Curry feels that style of play best resembles the system he played under coach Bob McKillop at Davidson - where he led the surprising Wildcats within a missed 3-pointer of the Final Four in 2008.

“It’s how I played all my life,” Curry said. “I can adjust to any style of game, but if it’s consistent with how I played in college, I think D’Antoni’s system is the best fit.”

After watching Curry consistently knock down jumpers, whip passes to Duke’s Gerald Henderson, Florida State’s Toney Douglas and the three others at the workout, Bobcats coach Larry Brown was convinced Curry is “not going to be around when we draft” at No. 12.

“I had heard people rave about how he shoots the ball,” Brown said of Curry, who made 414 3-pointers in three college seasons. “The thing that most impressed me is that he passes the ball. He’s a great passer. He knows how to play.”

Brown also quickly dismissed concerns that the slender Curry isn’t strong enough for the rigors of an 82-game schedule and is too much of a liability on defense. Brown was impressed at how quickly Curry picked up concepts on offense and defense he introduced during the workout.

“I have a great IQ for the game,” Curry said. “The terminology, picking up things and the footwork, things like that, I can pick it up pretty easily. That’s going to make me a better player down the road.”

Curry, who averaged 28.6 points a game last season, left Davidson after his junior year. Once considered too small to play for the big schools, there is skepticism about how he’ll adjust to the NBA. He didn’t switch to point guard until last season.

But Curry is confident. The son of former Charlotte Hornets 3-point specialist Dell Curry has spent the past few weeks in Washington working on his conditioning and lifting weights under the guidance of personal trainer Idan Ravin.

After getting the first draft workout under his belt with the familiarity of home - his father works in the Bobcats’ front office - Curry is ready for the next step: an audition with the Knicks next week.

“I can be a true point guard,” Curry said. “I think I proved that this year. I have a lot to learn, of course, but I have that potential to go out and be a leader on an NBA team for a whole season.

“Definitely with my ability to shoot the ball I can spread the defense more and open up options for my teammates. I love being a playmaker, getting assists and helping my team win. Hopefully the coaches, the GMs and all the organizations can see that.”

Notes: Bobcats managing partner Michael Jordan didn’t attend the workout. … Henderson, a defensive shooting guard, would fill Charlotte’s biggest need. “This would be a great place for me,” Henderson said. … Brown, a North Carolina alumnus, also couldn’t resist taking a shot at rival Duke when asked about Henderson. “He went to a great high school,” he said. … Clemson’s K.C. Rivers, LSU’s Garrett Temple and Danny Green of North Carolina also worked out. … Seth Curry, Stephen’s younger brother, said he’s “counting the days” until he enrolls at Duke after leaving Liberty. He won’t be eligible until the 2010-11 season.

06-04-2009, 06:35 PM
Dudes gonna be a beast, hope Blazers move for him

06-06-2009, 02:03 AM
I'm a fan.:tu

In fact, if the Spurs were willing to go the route Simmons suggested (trading Parker for a top 5 pick, a potential star, and good contract/asset to also help in a potential trade) I'd seriously consider taking Curry with that pick.

I definitely wouldn't go the Minnesota route, eventhough I do really like Foye, he's just not what they'd need. But if they could get someone like Mayo or Gay from Memphis,(preferably Mayo, and it would probably have to turn into a 3-team trade) to go along with Curry? I'd strongly consider it.

I just can't help but think how nice he'd fit with Tim, Manu, Hill, and how good the spacing would be for the offense, overall.

I love Tony and I'm not looking to get rid of him but the Logic, not the specific scenario, Simmons had for the trade, I feel has merit.

You'd definitely be losing one hell of a player at a key position, but if you were to end up with Mayo (a potential all-star player that could man the position for the next 10yrs.) and a guy like Curry (who could come in and approximate Tony's scoring right away and legitimately play alongside Hill in the backcourt) it might be worth it.

The odds of Curry and Mayo (or someone in that mold) turning into stars, the type the Spurs would be looking to land in free-agency, are actually probably better anyway.

06-07-2009, 11:49 PM
The next Monte Ellis.

06-08-2009, 02:41 AM
I'd much rather get Rudy Gay over Mayo. Soon Mayo will be running the point for memphis and if we draft both Curry and trade for Mayo we will have a some what small back court. I like Rudy gay as a guard forward and i think he would be a better fit for the Spurs.

I like this line up:


I like Rudy, don't get me wrong, but if the Spurs were to entertain the type of scenario Simmons suggested and I referred to, you've got to look both short and long-term.

Let's take the short-term first.

You've got to be able to compete for a title now so you've got to have the right pieces to beat the Lakers.(They're not going anywhere and are truly the only championship-caliber team that the Spurs have yet to master) If the Lakers have been exposed of anything over the years it's the inability to defend the high pick-and-roll and players with a mastery of the mid-range game. The Lakers love to pack the paint with their size and length and if you don't have the dead-eye shooting to space the floor, well, any Spurs fan can tell you how that usually turns out. Enter Curry and Mayo.

Curry is one of the purest shooters to enter the league in a long while. The guy's seemingly in range the minute he arrives at the gym. His finishing at the rim could use some improvement, and maybe just a little more focus at times (he's such a good shooter that layups he sometimes seems to take for granted) but he's got just about every shot a player needs. His build is actually a little like Parker, slight yet deceptively strong, and I believe he's got the ability and IQ to be a pretty decent defender.(Not quite the foot-speed of Parker but good enough) His vision is borderline great but his decision-making still needs some work. Probably more point-guard instincts than Parker but not as efficient; at least at this point. Monta Ellis he's not, Mark Price? Not quite, but would be a little more along those lines.

Mayo is just the real deal, flat-out. Like Curry, he's a natural born killer. Cold-blooded under pressure and possesses a mid-range game that would make the NBA change the rules if LeBron possessed.(Well, maybe the league wouldn't but the coaches would.) He's a little under-sized, standing about 6' 4", but is a solid defender with above average length. He's capable of manning the point but is a 2-guard through-and-through. Mayo has seemingly been bred to play basketball. Not only play, but star. It's often said that the difference between good players and great players is a belief; a confidence. It's something that just can't be taught. Mayo and Curry both have it and it's why they're both never afraid to fail. It's clutch, plain and simple.

Both their fundamental base and confidence in their shot is why I'd be confident in their ability to thrive against a team like the Lakers. Rudy Gay's talent and ability is absolutely unquestioned but he's a "learned" basketball player without a real base to draw confidence from on the offensive-end. It's that lack of a base and ability to be a jack-of-all and master-of-none, that can have him disappear at a moments notice. People like to dog Hedo's playoff failure (even though it was his first year in the system and he was at the beginning of a reclamation; different topic for a different time) but I could easily see a similar scenario with Gay.

I could accept the growing pains of a rookie at point who has Curry's pedigree and a second year player in Mayo at the 2 because I, nor they, question their abilities or stones.

As far as the future goes.

Mayo and Curry are both capable of being all-stars, at some point. Maybe only one, or maybe neither makes the team, but they've got that kind of talent. Hill, while I wouldn't put quite on the same level, could very well end up a Ellis or Barbosa-level talent. Not that their games are the same but Hill could potentially be at that not-quite-an-all-star level, with the potential to sneak up and make one on a given year.

So that's 3 players whose future is not only bright but could extend for the next 10-15 years. That's also an upgrade in talent that gives you the ability to either reap the benefits with them on the Spurs, or via trade if something better comes along down the line.

A battery of Curry and Hill, while inexperienced and a gamble, could be nice tandem for a long time to come, and Mayo could only help to extend Manu's career. Manu needs to be a 6th man to limit his minutes and lessen the wear-and-tear/potential for injury, and having a guy like Mayo would certainly help to ease Manu's burden.

You'd need to find (whether in the draft, free-agency, or through trade) the next Bruce but that's a much easier thing to find than great/star offensive talent. Maybe you take a flier on a Joey Graham who possesses all the size and tools (who's maybe in need of a reclamation) or maybe you go out and acquire (possibly in the same trade that lands the pick) Dominic McGuire who could give you a potential Posey-like defender, but that's the type of thing that would need to be done.

-Bowen/6' 7" or better defender
-Bourousis/?(I'd personally like an athletic defensive-minded 4 here)

You've got Manu and Hill to come off the bench and change the pace of the game, there's the potential of Gist to do the same with his energy, you've got 3-point shooting in Mason/Bonner (should he be here), brusiers in Thomas and Oberto, and a young athletic wildcard in Mahinmi off the bench.

That leaves two spots; one for either Hairston or Williams and the other used for a veteran/potential Bowen-type player that could play minutes this year.

But, that's just one man's rambling on a scenario that we'll never see happen.:hat

06-08-2009, 01:03 PM

The talk is that the Washington Wizardsí 5th pick could very well end up being claimed by Stephen Curry (whether for them or another team trading up):smokin :stirpot:



06-08-2009, 01:08 PM
If the Wizards pick Curry then I think it's for Dallas. They have a history of trading with each other so it wouldn't surprise me if they think Kidd is gone.

04-25-2011, 04:00 AM
The next Monte Ellis.