View Full Version : the future of american world class sprinters ?

08-26-2004, 02:14 AM
can we get shawn crawford and allyson felix to start dating, and possibly "hook up", ala marion jones & tim montgomery, if for no other reason than to see what kind of offspring they can produce ?
i'm pretty sure that if they get together, then in about 15-20 years, we'll see a sub 9.5 seconds, or better, time in the 100 meters, and a sub 19.25 seconds, or better, time in the 200 meters !

08-26-2004, 09:20 AM
"it's fun", was miss felix' response when nbc's matt lauer asked her as to how she felt being labeled as "the future of american track and field", on this morning's today show !!!!

go get 'em, girl !