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Guru of Nothing
08-20-2004, 08:23 PM
From here on out, please make sure all league issues are posted on the league message board. I just set up a league vote on an issue. I want to know if everybody wants the league waiver rules suspended during the preseaon and allow first come, first serve; or do you want me to establish a waiver priority during the pre-season (reverse of draft order, I presume).

For regular season, waiver priority is still worst winning %; then lowest point total.

Depending on the vote Kris, it may effect your Hollings acqusition. It won't effect your priority since you had the first overall pick(lowest priority) to begin with.

I guess a third option would be, if we vote for waiver rules, to let you keep Hollings. It's not like DDavis got injured and you scooped him before everyone could react.

That's all.