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Guru of Nothing
08-20-2004, 09:40 PM
Found this at my old-fogie hangout:

Have you ever wanted to be a music writer? Have you always secretly
envied the writing prowess of our illustrious Crusty [Jim Beal Jr.]? Would you like
to learn the craft of creating killer critiques? San Antonio Express-
News music columnist and arts writer Jim Beal Jr. is teaming up with
Gemini Ink to offer "Taking Notes: Writing on Music," a 6-week course
designed to offer an overview of the craft of writing about music.
The class will deal with CD reviews, live show reviews, balancing
personal tastes with popular tastes, writing on deadline, enjoying
music in spite of listening to it to make a living, wrestling with
space limitations, dodging the first-person bullet, stamping out the
word "arguably," working to your strengths, overcoming your
weaknesses and not losing sight of why you want to write about music
in the first place. Be prepared for an evening field trip to our
city's live music scene.

Where: Gemini Ink, a center for literary arts, 513 S. Presa, San
Antonio, TX, 78205
When: Six Mondays, Sept. 13-Oct. 18, 6:30-9 pm
Limit: 15 students
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Sept. 8
CPE Credits: 15 Language Arts (all levels)
Fee: $90 for Gemini Ink members, $100 for non-members (plus $10
registration fee)

To register, call Gemini Ink at 210.734.9673.

Guess that live music field trip rules out Duff.