View Full Version : Just To Make Eveyone Feel Better

Guru of Nothing
08-18-2004, 02:43 AM
My FSP$10 fantasy football team sucks more than everyone else's ... Except for Ass Milk's team.

Guru of Nothing
08-18-2004, 02:50 AM
No replies = fear, FEAR of the RED HOT TAMALES.

08-18-2004, 02:54 AM
You drafted some people I like. The league should be fun. It has some good balance and some smart people. I hope there will be a lot of trading and player movement. I know one trade is already pending.

Like I said earlier, I am only discouraging the major bashing because of what happened last year -- some people didn't make any changes to their team all year, didn't even set their rosters week-to-week, etc. Everyone should enjoy their experience and keep participating. Anyone can win.

The $50 league is a whole new deal. That's for real money and should be a lot more cut-throat and a lot less flowery. :)

Guru of Nothing
08-18-2004, 02:59 AM
You drafted some people I like.

What players did I draft that you don't like?

08-18-2004, 03:24 AM
Curtis Martin and Eddie Kennison.

I'm not saying they won't be good for you. I just don't like them.:wink