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Guru of Nothing
07-25-2004, 01:39 AM
The new draft time is Wednesday, August 18th at 10:00 central for the $50 buy-in league.

If this does not work for you, reply as soon as possible, so that we can work in another time slot before people commit to this one.

Kori, can you please pin this thread and let the other FSP FF thread float away.


P.S. - Kori, what's up with the Yahoo league? Shall we try to run the drafts back-to-back?

07-25-2004, 06:59 AM
weekend of my best friends bachlor party, no way in hell i can do it.

07-25-2004, 09:14 AM
I'm traveling from Sao Paulo to New York on the 1th of August and will be in New York until the 19th, when I head to San Antonio. For me, personally, the 13th of August would be ideal.

07-25-2004, 04:27 PM
The draft for the second league (the $10 buy-in) is:

Sat Sep 4 1:30pm CDT.

Does anyone who is in that league have objections?

07-25-2004, 04:30 PM
if thats labor day weekend i may be entirely screwed. i'm not going to be in town that weekend.

07-25-2004, 04:58 PM
Okay, how about everybody post which weekend is best for them and then we can see if we can work it out to please everyone.

fsp kris rivenburgh
07-25-2004, 05:37 PM
September 4 is not good. Can that time be reset? I would perfer August 18th or sooner. Also, Guru's time sounded good to me. I would be happy to compromise anytime up until and including August 18th.

Guru of Nothing
07-25-2004, 07:17 PM
Using Sunday as draft day, I can make it either Aug 15, 22nd or 29th. If we can get everybody together excpet for one or two people, maybe one should consider taking Dr. Pill up on his offer to sit in for them on the draft. Maybe Scott could sub too, if needed.

07-26-2004, 08:36 AM
The 29th is best for me, however I can probably work the 22nd to my favor.

07-26-2004, 03:25 PM
Yeah as far as I know I am still good for a weekend draft date so if any of the big money crowd needs a proxy I would be happy to fill in. I've been eating, sleeping and breathing football info for the last couple months so I promise I can draft you a good team.

Guru of Nothing
07-27-2004, 11:17 PM
There is an alternative to a draft - we could have an auction. This eliminates the need to get everybody together at the same time. Obviously, the auction does not begin until all the money is collected. FWIW, XPertLeagues supports auctions, so we don't have to go out of our way to set it up.

By the way, we are down to 10 players in the league. I don't want to post another fantasy football thread here, but can anyone reading this thread help recruit another two players.

07-28-2004, 01:59 AM
What about a weeknight in the evening rather than during the weekend?

Does like Tues August 17 at 8:00pm (random date and time) workout? Or do you guys prefer weekends?

Guru of Nothing
07-28-2004, 02:23 AM
Does like Tues August 17 at 8:00pm (random date and time) workout? Or do you guys prefer weekends?

I can make it just about any day (or night) so long as I know when, just a little in advance. There's not a whole lot going on here in MS, so I am very flexible.

T Park Num 9
07-28-2004, 05:36 AM
a weeknight is perfect for me.

Weekends are a bitch.

07-28-2004, 09:19 AM
i should be able to swing a weeknight other than monday.

T Park Num 9
07-28-2004, 06:37 PM
I agree tuesday or wednesday nights would be good.

07-28-2004, 07:06 PM
Im not sure which is the best weekend or day. I guess you guys can tell me and if i can make it i can if not ill try to see if my brother can draft for me. And if that dosnt work well i'll see.

fsp kris rivenburgh
07-29-2004, 06:57 PM
What about Monday, August 16th at 9:30 pm central for the $10 league as a warm up and then Wednesday, August 18th at 8:30 central for the $50 buy-in?

We need to have a set time in place as soon as possible. Has everybody paid? My uncle and I are in for the $10 league and I am in the for the $50 as well.

07-29-2004, 07:06 PM
Monday, August 16th at 9:30 pm central for the $10 league

sounds good to me senor.

Guru of Nothing
07-30-2004, 11:14 AM
What about Monday, August 16th at 9:30 pm central for the $10 league as a warm up and then Wednesday, August 18th at 8:30 central for the $50 buy-in?

This sounds good to me.

Regarding the $50 league, participants are Alamo Spurs Fan, Kori, LJ, Kris, Iceman, Manny, TPark, Chris Duel, Mouse, and your's truly. TPark, Chris and Mouse have not been heard from in quite a while. I hope that they are still participating. Can someone get in touch with these people and get a confirmation.

At best we have 10 players. I'd rather it be 12, so if anyone can recruit an extra couple of players, please do.

TLC, might you now be interested in joining?

Can anyone NOT make the draft on the evening of August 18th?

07-30-2004, 05:15 PM
Guru, I have some problems with the settings. Let me know what you think. My comments in bold.


Pass TD:
6.00 Points

Pass Yards:
For every 10 yards, assign:
0.33 points

-2.00 Points

Passing 2 Pter:
2.00 Points


Rush TD:
6 points

Rush Yds:
For every 10 yards, assign:
0 points
No points for rushing yardage? I'm assuming this was an input error


Rec TD:
6 points

Rec Yds:
For every 10 yards, assign:
0.67 points

Receiving 2 Pter:
2.00 Points

Special Teams

Special Team TD:
0 points

Offensive Fumbles

Offensive Fumble (recovered)
2.00 Points
I'm not sure if we should have this.

Offensive Fumble (lost)
-2.00 Points

Home Field Advantage


3.00 Points
+ 1 point for FG between 40 and 49 yards
+ 2 point for FG between 50 and 75 yards
(Maybe give a +3 for 60-75)
+ -1 point for FG between 40 and 49 yards
+ -2 point for FG between 30 and 39 yards
+ -3 point for FG between 1 and 29 yards

Extra Point
1.00 Points

Missed XP
-1.00 Points


Defensive TD
6.00 Points

1.00 Points

2.00 Points

2.00 Points

Fumble Recovered
2.00 Points

Blocked FG
3.00 Points

Blocked Punt
2.00 Points

Points Against:
From 2 to 6 = -3 points
From 7 to 13 = -6 points
From 14 to 20 = -8 points
From 21 to 27 = -10 points
From 28 to 34 = -12 points
From 35 to 74 = -14 points
Why would your defense get penalized for holding a team to 2 points?? They should get positive points for that, IMO. This section should be something like: +4, +2, 0, -2, -4, -6

Guru of Nothing
07-30-2004, 09:29 PM
Rush Yds:
For every 10 yards, assign:
0 points
No points for rushing yardage? I'm assuming this was an input error

Guilty. That should be 0.67 points per 10 yards; same as receiving.

Offensive Fumble (recovered)
2.00 Points
I'm not sure if we should have this.

There was much debate in the FF world last year in an Indianapolis game (IIRC) where an offensive player fumbled the ball. The opposing defense fumbled the ball back to Indianapolis on the fumble recovery return, and Marvin Harrison returned it for a touchdown.

Who should get credit for the touchdown (and second fumble recovery)? I say Marvin Harrison gets the points, but some argued that the Indy defense should be awarded the TD. This rule appears to be a reaction to that rare occurence.

3.00 Points
+ 1 point for FG between 40 and 49 yards
+ 2 point for FG between 50 and 75 yards
(Maybe give a +3 for 60-75)

Sure, that's fine with me.

The text you pasted looks misleading. Just to be clear to everyone, all FGs are worth 3 points, plus 1 more for 40 to 49, etc.

07-31-2004, 01:14 AM
What about points against? (Last thing in my last post)

07-31-2004, 01:36 AM
Offensive Fumble (recovered)
2.00 Points

This to me means that if the offense fumbles but then recovers it, they get two points. That would be stupid.

If it's only recovering defensive fumble (very rare), I guess it makes sense. But I'd rather it be worth nothing.

07-31-2004, 02:13 AM
Wednesday, August 18th at 8:30 central

GoN, go ahead and set this up as the draft time on the $50 league. We'll adjust it if there's a major outrage, but it seems to work for most.

I'll contact Chris Duel and Mouse to see if they are still in.

Guru of Nothing
07-31-2004, 02:14 AM
Defensive scoring (points against), for the most part, should be similar to Yahoo defaults; or, it will be. Damn, it's tough proofreading my own creation. I'll get this, and aforementioned typos corrected this weekend.

Regarding the 2 points for an offensive fumble recovery, I'll e-mail support at XPert and get clarification. I think my previous assertion was probably wrong - upon further review, I think this allows for, say Player A to fumble a ball. If player A recovers his own fumble, then it's "no harm, no foul." If an offensive lineman recovers the ball, then those +2 points disappear into the ether. Again, I will get clarification.

While on the subject of scoring rules, I'd still like points per reception in the league, BUT, I want others to agree to it. I like 1 point per reception for WR; 2 points per reception for TE; but only 0.5 points per reception for RBs. Such scoring tends to more evenly distribute the value at RB/WR/TE positions.

07-31-2004, 02:23 AM
These are the defaults on Yahoo for points allowed:

Points Allowed 0 points (10)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (7)
Points Allowed 7-13 points (4)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (1)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)
Points Allowed 28-34 points (-1)
Points Allowed 35+ points (-4)

07-31-2004, 02:25 AM
I'm against points per reception and points per carry. But obviously the majority will rule.

Guru of Nothing
07-31-2004, 02:31 AM
I'm against points per reception and points per carry.

Points per carry is/was silly. Points per reception balances out the value amongst the positions.

Majority rules.

08-02-2004, 09:54 PM
GoN, spoke w/Kori on IM & was told there is an opening in the big league. I want in. Please email me wensite, a login & info. [email protected]

Guru of Nothing
08-03-2004, 10:10 AM
The invite is in the mail.

Johnny Blaze 47
08-03-2004, 10:59 PM
If you still have a spot in the $50 league, I'll get in.

I don't know much about FF, but I'm sure I'll learn quickly.

08-03-2004, 11:34 PM
I'm no logged onto the Xpert League site. Where do I go to join the league?

08-03-2004, 11:38 PM
Just found it. Can you tell me where to go to set up a Prelim ranking of players? This site is a little diff than others I've seen/used.

Guru of Nothing
08-04-2004, 12:44 AM
Can you tell me where to go to set up a Prelim ranking of players? This site is a little diff than others I've seen/used.

Mr. Dio, I could have sworn pre-rank capabilities were found under preferences, but I'm not seeing them. Either my eyes are failing me, or it's been moved.

I know this becuase I had to ask support the same question a few weeks back for my own benefit. I tried looking up their response in my email, but dial-up on the laptop is absolutely killinng me tonight.

I will get you a prompt reply tomorrow, I promise.

Guru of Nothing
08-04-2004, 02:45 PM
You can set your pre-ranks by going to the Your Cheatsheet under the War Room link.

Johnny Blaze 47
08-04-2004, 09:30 PM
Any room, GoN?

Guru of Nothing
08-04-2004, 10:33 PM
Yes Sir!

Guru of Nothing
08-04-2004, 10:46 PM
Current status of the $50 league:

Confirmed players (I think):

Mr. Dio
JohnnyBlaze ===> makes 9.

I hope to include:

Chris Duel
TPark ===> makes 11

As for Mouse, does anyone really expect him to compete?

Mouse, got cattle?

08-05-2004, 01:35 AM
Settings agreed to in the chat meeting:

14 regular season games
2 weeks of playoffs
No games on the 17th week

20 players per team

9 starters - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D
11 bench

No Injury Reserve

Passing: 6 pts per TD, .33 per 10 yards, -2 per interception, 2 per two-pt completion

Rushing: 6 pts per TD, .67 per 10 yards, 2 per two-pt rush

Receiving: 6 pts per TD, .8 per 10 yards, 2 per two-pt reception

-2 points per fumble lost

No points for special teams

Field goals:
3.00 Points per FG and
+ 3 points for FG between 60 and 75 yards
+ 2 point for FG between 50 and 59 yards
+ 1 point for FG between 40 and 49 yards
- 0 point for FG between 30 and 39 yards
- 1 points for FG between 20 and 29 yards
- 2 points for FG between 1 and 19 yards

Extra point +1 point
Missed extra point -1 point

Defense: 6 pts per TD, 1 pt per sack, 2 pts per safety, 2 pts per interception, 2 pts per fumble recovery, 3 pts per blocked FG, 2 pts per blocked punt

Points Allowed 0 points (10)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (7)
Points Allowed 7-13 points (4)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (1)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)
Points Allowed 28-34 points (-1)
Points Allowed 35+ points (-4)

We also agreed that the draft date is Wednesday, August 18th at 10:00pm.

fsp kris rivenburgh
08-05-2004, 04:18 AM
The missed fg's are messed up. Please fix.

Guru of Nothing
08-05-2004, 10:53 AM
Okay, I have made all of the changes, but the the defensive settings won't display that 35 points or more against will cost -4 points. I am waiting to hear back from support on this.

Below, are the compiled point totals for last years results, to show how players would have scored using our settings. Please peruse if you like. The defense's are not included because there was a glitch on the compile. Again, I am waiting for support on the defense settings. I thought it odd that Kurt Warner was omitted on the QB listings. Sorry Ice, you will have to do your own math for that.


Rob Adamson. Total FP: 0.
Tony Banks. Total FP: 46.78.
Pat Barnes. Total FP: 0.
Charlie Batch. Total FP: 0.66.
Steve Beuerlein. Total FP: 14.21.
Billy Volek. Total FP: 45.51.
Jeff Blake. Total FP: 112.43.
Drew Bledsoe. Total FP: 132.81.
Brooks Bollinger. Total FP: 0.
Kyle Boller. Total FP: 62.65.
Todd Bouman. Total FP: 10.31.
Tom Brady. Total FP: 243.54.
Drew Brees. Total FP: 100.33.
Aaron Brooks. Total FP: 242.64.
Marc Bulger. Total FP: 239.42.
David Carr. Total FP: 99.14.
Quincy Carter. Total FP: 177.07.
Todd Collins. Total FP: 2.31.
Scott Covington. Total FP: 0.
Daunte Culpepper. Total FP: 262.36.
Rohan Davey. Total FP: 0.
Jake Delhomme. Total FP: 175.33.
Koy Detmer. Total FP: 0.66.
Trent Dilfer. Total FP: 4.99.
Ken Dorsey. Total FP: 0.
Brett Favre. Total FP: 253.99.
Jay Fiedler. Total FP: 109.4.
Doug Flutie. Total FP: 97.02.
Gus Frerotte. Total FP: 60.11.
Rich Gannon. Total FP: 48.01.
David Garrard. Total FP: 8.64.
Jason Garrett. Total FP: 0.
Jason Gesser. Total FP: 0.
Trent Green. Total FP: 251.78.
Rex Grossman. Total FP: 23.86.
Gibran Hamdan. Total FP: 0.
Joey Harrington. Total FP: 126.82.
Matt Hasselbeck. Total FP: 250.82.
Tim Hasselbeck. Total FP: 50.02.
Shaun Hill. Total FP: 0.
Kelly Holcomb. Total FP: 92.08.
Damon Huard. Total FP: 0.
Chad Hutchinson. Total FP: 0.
Nate Hybl. Total FP: 0.
Jarious Jackson. Total FP: -0.68.
Brad Johnson. Total FP: 222.17.
Doug Johnson. Total FP: 60.88.
Rob Johnson. Total FP: 0.32.
Danny Kanell. Total FP: 16.19.
Jon Kitna. Total FP: 236.93.
Kurt Kittner. Total FP: 0.
Byron Leftwich. Total FP: 158.78.
Tommy Maddox. Total FP: 157.64.
Peyton Manning. Total FP: 291.61.
Josh McCown. Total FP: 61.04.
Mike McMahon. Total FP: -0.02.
Donovan McNabb. Total FP: 207.08.
Steve McNair. Total FP: 248.05.
Rick Mirer. Total FP: 57.61.
Craig Nall. Total FP: 0.
Neil O'Donnell. Total FP: 17.59.
Carson Palmer. Total FP: 0.
Jesse Palmer. Total FP: 28.5.
Preston Parsons. Total FP: 0.
Doug Pederson. Total FP: 0.33.
Rodney Peete. Total FP: 0.
Chad Pennington. Total FP: 138.98.
Jake Plummer. Total FP: 177.05.
Jonathan Quinn. Total FP: 0.
Mike Quinn. Total FP: 0.
Dave Ragone. Total FP: 5.64.
Patrick Ramsey. Total FP: 136.69.
Tim Rattay. Total FP: 65.06.
Chris Redman. Total FP: -2.35.
Tony Romo. Total FP: 0.
Sage Rosenfels. Total FP: 7.65.
Chris Simms. Total FP: 0.
Brian St. Pierre. Total FP: 0.
Marques Tuiasosopo. Total FP: 5.57.
Alex Van Pelt. Total FP: -4.68.
Michael Vick. Total FP: 57.89.
Seneca Wallace. Total FP: 0.
Chris Weinke. Total FP: 0.


Rabih Abdullah. Total FP: 2.4.
Shaun Alexander. Total FP: 185.22.
Brian Allen. Total FP: 0.
David Allen. Total FP: 10.
Mike Alstott. Total FP: 15.88.
Damien Anderson. Total FP: 4.41.
Mike Anderson. Total FP: 46.34.
Richie Anderson. Total FP: 80.48.
B.J. Askew. Total FP: 0.
John Avery. Total FP: 0.8.
Obafemi Ayanbadejo. Total FP: 3.2.
Tiki Barber. Total FP: 115.27.
Kevan Barlow. Total FP: 122.43.
Darian Barnes. Total FP: 0.
Fred Baxter. Total FP: 0.
Fred Beasley. Total FP: 15.6.
Brandon Bennett. Total FP: 22.71.
Michael Bennett. Total FP: 39.46.
Sean Berton. Total FP: 0.
Jerome Bettis. Total FP: 86.64.
Ladell Betts. Total FP: 31.78.
Erik Bickerstaff. Total FP: 8.68.
Derrick Blaylock. Total FP: 34.56.
R.J. Bowers. Total FP: 0.
Chris Brown. Total FP: 13.92.
Shawn Bryson. Total FP: 71.91.
Correll Buckhalter. Total FP: 94.83.
Joe Burns. Total FP: 8.56.
Trung Canidate. Total FP: 48.96.
Kerry Carter. Total FP: 0.
Ki-Jana Carter. Total FP: 8.14.
Rock Cartwright. Total FP: 58.52.
Aveion Cason. Total FP: 22.23.
Larry Centers. Total FP: 11.47.
Doug Chapman. Total FP: 1.34.
Jesse Chatman. Total FP: 3.87.
Mike Cloud. Total FP: 19.34.
Avon Cobourne. Total FP: 2.27.
Derek Combs. Total FP: 0.
Greg Comella. Total FP: 0.
Jameel Cook. Total FP: 10.8.
Zack Crockett. Total FP: 50.3.
Phillip Crosby. Total FP: 0.
Najeh Davenport. Total FP: 38.39.
Chris Davis. Total FP: 0.
Domanick Davis. Total FP: 133.64.
Stephen Davis. Total FP: 141.89.
Ron Dayne. Total FP: 0.
Reuben Droughns. Total FP: 17.47.
T.J. Duckett. Total FP: 117.03.
Warrick Dunn. Total FP: 85.93.
Omar Easy. Total FP: 0.
Chris Edmonds. Total FP: 0.
Marc Edwards. Total FP: 14.4.
Heath Evans. Total FP: 2.4.
Justin Fargas. Total FP: 11.39.
Kevin Faulk. Total FP: 62.84.
Marshall Faulk. Total FP: 134.65.
James Fenderson. Total FP: 2.
Jim Finn. Total FP: 4.8.
Tony Fisher. Total FP: 40.85.
Brock Forsey. Total FP: 26.46.
DeShaun Foster. Total FP: 50.39.
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala. Total FP: 14.04.
Olandis Gary. Total FP: 33.96.
Sam Gash. Total FP: 4.
Eddie George. Total FP: 99.51.
Nick Goings. Total FP: 12.68.
Lamar Gordon. Total FP: 27.96.
Ahman Green. Total FP: 246.05.
William Green. Total FP: 42.44.
Justin Griffith. Total FP: 23.76.
Quentin Griffin. Total FP: 23.43.
Patrick Hape. Total FP: 1.6.
Arlen Harris. Total FP: 44.34.
Verron Haynes. Total FP: 5.21.
William Henderson. Total FP: 30.8.
Leonard Henry. Total FP: 0.
Travis Henry. Total FP: 138.13.
Chris Hetherington. Total FP: 0.8.
Dwone Hicks. Total FP: 0.
James Hodgins. Total FP: 12.8.
Robert Holcombe. Total FP: 30.18.
Tony Hollings. Total FP: 4.82.
Priest Holmes. Total FP: 278.83.
Brad Hoover. Total FP: 9.2.
James Jackson. Total FP: 46.38.
Terry Jackson. Total FP: 0.
Edgerrin James. Total FP: 163.33.
Ronney Jenkins. Total FP: 0.
Travis Jervey. Total FP: 0.
Bryan Johnson. Total FP: 3.2.
Jeremi Johnson. Total FP: 16.67.
Larry Johnson. Total FP: 10.02.
Leon Johnson. Total FP: 0.
Rudi Johnson. Total FP: 123.64.
Lamont Jordan. Total FP: 35.12.
Delvin Joyce. Total FP: 1.34.
Rob Konrad. Total FP: 9.47.
Dan Kreider. Total FP: 13.07.
George Layne. Total FP: 0.67.
Dorsey Levens. Total FP: 29.65.
Jamal Lewis. Total FP: 220.11.
Nicolas Luchey. Total FP: 0.8.
Malaefou MacKenzie. Total FP: 0.
Stacey Mack. Total FP: 33.91.
Reno Mahe. Total FP: 0.
Curtis Martin. Total FP: 110.93.
Jamar Martin. Total FP: 0.
Chris Massey. Total FP: 0.
Fred McAfee. Total FP: 0.67.
Deuce McAllister. Total FP: 179.96.
Fred McCrary. Total FP: 0.
Sultan McCullough. Total FP: 0.8.
Willis McGahee. Total FP: 0.
Kevin McLeod. Total FP: 0.
Travis Minor. Total FP: 17.52.
Harold Morrow. Total FP: 0.
Maurice Morris. Total FP: 19.66.
Sammy Morris. Total FP: 11.21.
Chad Morton. Total FP: 28.59.
Ovie Mughelli. Total FP: 0.
James Mungro. Total FP: 18.02.
Adrian Murrell. Total FP: 6.16.
Lorenzo Neal. Total FP: 9.74.
Larry Ned. Total FP: 0.
Moran Norris. Total FP: 1.6.
Patrick Pass. Total FP: 0.67.
Adrian Peterson. Total FP: 3.35.
Andrew Pinnock. Total FP: 0.
Artose Pinner. Total FP: 8.43.
Michael Pittman. Total FP: 97.15.
Dominic Rhodes. Total FP: 17.91.
Alan Ricard. Total FP: 6.01.
Tony Richardson. Total FP: 4.41.
Jamal Robertson. Total FP: 6.7.
Cory Schlesinger. Total FP: 27.2.
Josh Scobey. Total FP: 0.
Marcel Shipp. Total FP: 61.32.
John Simon. Total FP: 0.8.
Ken Simonton. Total FP: 0.
Rod Smart. Total FP: 2.01.
Antowain Smith. Total FP: 1.34.
Detron Smith. Total FP: 0.
Emmitt Smith. Total FP: 28.99.
Lamar Smith. Total FP: 3.35.
Musa Smith. Total FP: 14.01.
Onterrio Smith. Total FP: 72.71.
Jerald Sowell. Total FP: 35.6.
Charles Stackhouse. Total FP: 0.8.
Aaron Stecker. Total FP: 12.96.
Mack Strong. Total FP: 23.9.
Lee Suggs. Total FP: 30.09.
Chester Taylor. Total FP: 33.27.
Fred Taylor. Total FP: 160.34.
Anthony Thomas. Total FP: 103.26.
LaBrandon Toefield. Total FP: 33.84.
LaDainian Tomlinson. Total FP: 262.91.
Stephen Trejo. Total FP: 0.
Kenny Watson. Total FP: 0.
Jonathan Wells. Total FP: 1.47.
Brian Westbrook. Total FP: 123.24.
Tyrone Wheatley. Total FP: 63.93.
Moe Williams. Total FP: 133.8.
Ricky Williams. Total FP: 144.53.


Sam Aiken. Total FP: 1.6.
Derrick Alexander. Total FP: 0.
Scotty Anderson. Total FP: 37.2.
Derick Armstrong. Total FP: 10.8.
Karsten Bailey. Total FP: 0.
Eugene Baker. Total FP: 0.
Alex Bannister. Total FP: 10.
Reggie Barlow. Total FP: 7.6.
D'Wayne Bates. Total FP: 8.
Michael Bates. Total FP: 0.
Arnaz Battle. Total FP: 0.
Drew Bennett. Total FP: 61.13.
Eddie Berlin. Total FP: 10.
Marc Boerigter. Total FP: 8.
Anquan Boldin. Total FP: 123.21.
Marty Booker. Total FP: 74.4.
Corey Bradford. Total FP: 42.8.
Brad Pyatt. Total FP: 0.
Deion Branch. Total FP: 76.27.
Antonio Brown. Total FP: -1.33.
Tim Brown. Total FP: 41.2.
Troy Brown. Total FP: 59.74.
Arland Bruce. Total FP: 0.
Isaac Bruce. Total FP: 95.85.
Antonio Bryant. Total FP: 45.6.
Nate Burleson. Total FP: 43.2.
Plaxico Burress. Total FP: 78.4.
Reche Caldwell. Total FP: 3.87.
Tyrone Calico. Total FP: 40.8.
Kelly Campbell. Total FP: 62.01.
Jonathan Carter. Total FP: 12.4.
Tim Carter. Total FP: 20.8.
Chris Chambers. Total FP: 116.4.
Antonio Chatman. Total FP: 0.
Wayne Chrebet. Total FP: 23.6.
Kenny Clark. Total FP: 0.
Chris Cole. Total FP: 1.6.
Clarence Coleman. Total FP: 4.8.
Laveranues Coles. Total FP: 120.54.
Ronald Curry. Total FP: 2.4.
Kevin Curtis. Total FP: 0.8.
Woody Dantzler. Total FP: 6.67.
Andre Davis. Total FP: 76.42.
Nick Davis. Total FP: 0.
Chris Doering. Total FP: 22.8.
Donald Driver. Total FP: 57.88.
Eddie Drummond. Total FP: 0.
LaTarence Dunbar. Total FP: 0.
Tim Dwight. Total FP: 14.55.
Terrence Edwards. Total FP: 0.8.
Troy Edwards. Total FP: 35.33.
Bobby Engram. Total FP: 80.8.
Jimmy Farris. Total FP: 17.6.
Robert Ferguson. Total FP: 56.
Brian Finneran. Total FP: 33.6.
Larry Foster. Total FP: 0.
Antonio Freeman. Total FP: 4.8.
Mike Furrey. Total FP: 11.2.
Doug Gabriel. Total FP: 0.8.
Oronde Gadsden. Total FP: 2.4.
Jabar Gaffney. Total FP: 35.07.
Justin Gage. Total FP: 36.
Rod Gardner. Total FP: 82.52.
Talman Gardner. Total FP: 1.6.
Dondre Gilliam. Total FP: 1.6.
Bryan Gilmore. Total FP: 24.8.
David Givens. Total FP: 71.6.
Terry Glenn. Total FP: 87.88.
Az-zahir Hakim. Total FP: 58.94.
Dante Hall. Total FP: 34.15.
Lawrence Hamilton. Total FP: 0.
Cortez Hankton. Total FP: 8.8.
Karl Hankton. Total FP: 1.6.
Atnaf Harris. Total FP: 0.
Marvin Harrison. Total FP: 156.
Matt Hatchette. Total FP: 15.6.
Darrell Hill. Total FP: 0.
Ike Hilliard. Total FP: 78.27.
Torry Holt. Total FP: 188.4.
Chris Horn. Total FP: 0.
Joe Horn. Total FP: 121.4.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Total FP: 0.
Keenan Howry. Total FP: 0.8.
Chris Jackson. Total FP: 0.
Darrell Jackson. Total FP: 135.6.
Frisman Jackson. Total FP: 1.6.
Taylor Jacobs. Total FP: 7.6.
Shawn Jefferson. Total FP: 1.6.
Albert Johnson. Total FP: 0.
Andre Johnson. Total FP: 90.53.
Bethel Johnson. Total FP: 23.33.
Bryant Johnson. Total FP: 35.6.
Chad Johnson. Total FP: 148.4.
Patrick Johnson. Total FP: 15.6.
Ron Johnson. Total FP: 0.
C.J. Jones. Total FP: 0.
Daryl Jones. Total FP: 0.
Joe Jurevicius. Total FP: 5.6.
Kevin Kasper. Total FP: 0.
Eddie Kennison. Total FP: 88.4.
Andre King. Total FP: 4.
David Kircus. Total FP: 2.4.
Charles Lee. Total FP: 44.
Ashley Lelie. Total FP: 58.14.
Derrick Lewis. Total FP: 0.
Greg Lewis. Total FP: 4.8.
Jermaine Lewis. Total FP: 0.8.
Michael Lewis. Total FP: 22.
Brandon Lloyd. Total FP: 28.4.
Dane Looker. Total FP: 49.6.
Adrian Madise. Total FP: 0.67.
Derrick Mason. Total FP: 130.8.
Grant Mattos. Total FP: 0.
Lee Mays. Total FP: 0.
Jason McAddley. Total FP: 1.6.
Darnerien McCants. Total FP: 58.
Ed McCaffrey. Total FP: 11.2.
Keenan McCardell. Total FP: 132.8.
Quentin McCord. Total FP: 8.
Shaun McDonald. Total FP: 1.6.
James McKnight. Total FP: 38.82.
Billy McMullen. Total FP: 0.
Ahmad Merritt. Total FP: 3.2.
Freddie Mitchell. Total FP: 52.26.
Aaron Moorehead. Total FP: 8.
Sean Morey. Total FP: 0.
Quincy Morgan. Total FP: 54.8.
Johnnie Morton. Total FP: 74.56.
J.J. Moses. Total FP: 0.
Randy Moss. Total FP: 211.07.
Santana Moss. Total FP: 144.41.
Eric Moulds. Total FP: 58.
Muhsin Muhammad. Total FP: 72.8.
Dennis Northcutt. Total FP: 64.15.
Jeff Ogden. Total FP: 4.
Kassim Osgood. Total FP: 31.2.
Eric Parker. Total FP: 27.74.
Jerome Pathon. Total FP: 62.4.
David Patten. Total FP: 6.4.
Todd Pinkston. Total FP: 52.13.
Willie Ponder. Total FP: 1.6.
Nate Poole. Total FP: 18.
Jerry Porter. Total FP: 30.67.
Peerless Price. Total FP: 75.6.
Ricky Proehl. Total FP: 43.6.
Antwaan Randle El. Total FP: 30.15.
Jimmy Redmond. Total FP: 2.4.
Josh Reed. Total FP: 47.34.
Jerry Rice. Total FP: 72.8.
Koren Robinson. Total FP: 81.07.
Charles Rogers. Total FP: 21.2.
Micah Ross. Total FP: 0.
Cliff Russell. Total FP: 0.8.
Frank Sanders. Total FP: 9.6.
Jake Schifino. Total FP: 0.
Bobby Shaw. Total FP: 72.8.
Sam Simmons. Total FP: 0.
Jimmy Smith. Total FP: 67.6.
Rod Smith. Total FP: 85.13.
Steve Smith. Total FP: 119.48.
Zuriel Smith. Total FP: 2.4.
Donte Stallworth. Total FP: 45.2.
Brandon Stokley. Total FP: 33.2.
J.J. Stokes. Total FP: 0.
Kevin Swayne. Total FP: 7.6.
Reggie Swinton. Total FP: 0.
Travis Taylor. Total FP: 57.21.
David Terrell. Total FP: 27.6.
Derrius Thompson. Total FP: 24.8.
J.R. Tolver. Total FP: 0.
Amani Toomer. Total FP: 102.
David Tyree. Total FP: 15.2.
Bobby Wade. Total FP: 8.8.
Javon Walker. Total FP: 93.6.
Troy Walters. Total FP: 50.8.
Dedric Ward. Total FP: 10.8.
Hines Ward. Total FP: 130.68.
Peter Warrick. Total FP: 107.9.
Kelley Washington. Total FP: 43.2.
Reggie Wayne. Total FP: 101.2.
Alvis Whitted. Total FP: 15.21.
Dez White. Total FP: 0.
James Williams. Total FP: 0.
Randal Williams. Total FP: 3.2.
Cedrick Wilson. Total FP: 39.2.


Stephen Alexander. Total FP: 0.
Courtney Anderson. Total FP: 0.
Richard Angulo. Total FP: 0.
Billy Baber. Total FP: 1.6.
Chris Baker. Total FP: 6.4.
Mike Banks. Total FP: 0.
Anthony Becht. Total FP: 50.8.
Kyle Brady. Total FP: 23.6.
Sean Brewer. Total FP: 0.
Mark Bruener. Total FP: 6.8.
Steve Bush. Total FP: 9.2.
Dan Campbell. Total FP: 17.2.
Mark Campbell. Total FP: 26.
Dwayne Carswell. Total FP: 6.8.
Dallas Clark. Total FP: 26.
Desmond Clark. Total FP: 34.8.
Cam Cleeland. Total FP: 8.
Ernie Conwell. Total FP: 29.6.
Alge Crumpler. Total FP: 42.
Dan Curley. Total FP: 0.
Matt Cushing. Total FP: 0.
James Dearth. Total FP: 0.
Kori Dickerson. Total FP: 0.
Ken Dilger. Total FP: 21.2.
Rickey Dudley. Total FP: 7.6.
Jason Dunn. Total FP: 19.6.
Christian Fauria. Total FP: 30.4.
Casey Fitzsimmons. Total FP: 20.8.
Zeron Flemister. Total FP: 4.
Bubba Franks. Total FP: 40.4.
Kendall Gammon. Total FP: 0.
Antonio Gates. Total FP: 39.2.
John Gilmore. Total FP: 0.
Tony Gonzalez. Total FP: 126.4.
Hunter Goodwin. Total FP: 0.8.
Daniel Graham. Total FP: 52.
Ryan Hannam. Total FP: 0.
Todd Heap. Total FP: 74.4.
Steve Heiden. Total FP: 8.8.
Will Heller. Total FP: 6.8.
Zach Hilton. Total FP: 0.
Jabari Holloway. Total FP: 4.8.
Eric Johnson. Total FP: 0.
Robert Johnson. Total FP: 0.
Teyo Johnson. Total FP: 14.8.
Doug Jolley. Total FP: 21.2.
Freddie Jones. Total FP: 44.
John Jones. Total FP: 0.
Terry Jones. Total FP: 25.2.
Reggie Kelly. Total FP: 9.2.
Rashod Kent. Total FP: 0.
Erron Kinney. Total FP: 40.4.
Jim Kleinsasser. Total FP: 51.07.
Brian Kozlowski. Total FP: 2.4.
Mike Leach. Total FP: 0.
Donald Lee. Total FP: 13.2.
Chad Lewis. Total FP: 22.
Chris Luzar. Total FP: 1.6.
Dustin Lyman. Total FP: 4.
Kris Mangum. Total FP: 11.2.
Brandon Manumaleuna. Total FP: 27.2.
David Martin. Total FP: 15.2.
Sean McDermott. Total FP: 0.
Tony McGee. Total FP: 0.
Randy McMichael. Total FP: 52.8.
Shad Meier. Total FP: 8.
Itula Mili. Total FP: 57.6.
Billy Miller. Total FP: 39.6.
Dave Moore. Total FP: 10.
Spencer Nead. Total FP: 0.
Ryan Neufeld. Total FP: 2.27.
Josh Norman. Total FP: 0.
John Owens. Total FP: 0.
Justin Peelle. Total FP: 14.
Marcus Pollard. Total FP: 57.2.
Jeb Putzier. Total FP: 2.4.
Jay Riemersma. Total FP: 6.4.
Marcellus Rivers. Total FP: 10.4.
Robert Royal. Total FP: -1.2.
Darnell Sanders. Total FP: 10.
OJ Santiago. Total FP: 4.
Matt Schobel. Total FP: 27.2.
Mike Seidman. Total FP: 1.6.
Aaron Shea. Total FP: 0.
Vishante Shiancoe. Total FP: 14.4.
Jeremy Shockey. Total FP: 52.
David Sloan. Total FP: 0.
L.J. Smith. Total FP: 26.
Justin Snow. Total FP: 0.
Jerramy Stevens. Total FP: 4.
Tony Stewart. Total FP: 13.6.
Jerame Tuman. Total FP: 6.4.
Aaron Walker. Total FP: 12.4.
Wesley Walls. Total FP: 20.4.
Kevin Ware. Total FP: 0.8.
James Whalen. Total FP: 0.
Jason Witten. Total FP: 28.4.
Jermaine Wiggins. Total FP: 10.
Daniel Wilcox. Total FP: 0.
Boo Williams. Total FP: 60.4.
George Wrighster. Total FP: 22.4.


David Akers. Total FP: 124.
Morten Andersen. Total FP: 45.
Doug Brien. Total FP: 105.
Josh Brown. Total FP: 111.
Kris Brown. Total FP: 71.
Matt Bryant. Total FP: 39.
John Carney. Total FP: 104.
Jeff Chandler. Total FP: 6.
Steve Christie. Total FP: 52.
Billy Cundiff. Total FP: 103.
Phil Dawson. Total FP: 65.
Tim Duncan. Total FP: 25.
Paul Edinger. Total FP: 119.
Jason Elam. Total FP: 112.
Aaron Elling. Total FP: 50.
Jay Feely. Total FP: 84.
Shayne Graham. Total FP: 109.
Martin Gramatica. Total FP: 81.
John Hall. Total FP: 103.
Jason Hanson. Total FP: 92.
Sebastian Janikowski. Total FP: 86.
John Kasay. Total FP: 135.
Rian Lindell. Total FP: 69.
Ryan Longwell. Total FP: 122.
Olindo Mare. Total FP: 111.
Seth Marler. Total FP: 90.
Joe Nedney. Total FP: 0.
Todd Peterson. Total FP: 53.
Owen Pochman. Total FP: 23.
Neil Rackers. Total FP: 31.
Jeff Reed. Total FP: 69.
Wade Richey. Total FP: 5.
Matt Stover. Total FP: 142.
Mike Vanderjagt. Total FP: 171.
Adam Vinatieri. Total FP: 116.

Guru of Nothing
08-05-2004, 04:27 PM
I'm still waiting for the defensive settings to correctly reflect a -4 score for 35 points or more given up by the defense, but in the meantime, here are how last year's defense's stack up with our settings (#s may be slightly off because of the 35 point setting):

49ers. Total FP: 148.
Bears. Total FP: 77.
Bengals. Total FP: 74.
Bills. Total FP: 132.
Broncos. Total FP: 94.
Browns. Total FP: 100.
Buccaneers. Total FP: 149.
Cardinals. Total FP: 72.
Chargers. Total FP: 55.
Chiefs. Total FP: 152.
Colts. Total FP: 132.
Cowboys. Total FP: 139.
Dolphins. Total FP: 165.
Eagles. Total FP: 113.
Falcons. Total FP: 94.
Giants. Total FP: 88.
Jaguars. Total FP: 101.
Jets. Total FP: 87.
Lions. Total FP: 88.
Packers. Total FP: 139.
Panthers. Total FP: 133.
Patriots. Total FP: 216.
Raiders. Total FP: 113.
Rams. Total FP: 199.
Ravens. Total FP: 198.
Redskins. Total FP: 106.
Saints. Total FP: 107.
Seahawks. Total FP: 113.
Steelers. Total FP: 110.
Texans. Total FP: 65.
Titans. Total FP: 164.

Guru of Nothing
08-05-2004, 06:36 PM
It does appear that all of the league settings are squared away. Please look them over and see everything looks agreeable.

BTW, I checked the box to exclude defensive points, in the points against section. Is everyone cool with that?

11-18-2010, 10:58 AM
Random bump from six years ago.

This thread was the very last thread (meaning the thread with the oldest "last post" in the forum)

It was interesting to sift through some of the older threads.

11-18-2010, 11:03 AM
Jason Garrett. Total FP: 0.


I had no idea he had been on a roster as few as 6 years ago.