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Aggie Hoopsfan
06-23-2003, 11:46 PM
I'm calling my shot, Babe Ruth style, on this one now.

Stick with me for a moment...

1. Everyone in the world thinks Kidd is target numero uno. Enter CIA Pop/Buford. These guys are masters of misdirection, and if the entire world is spouting off "my sources in SA tell me the Spurs will make a run at Jason Kidd come July 1", rest assured the Spurs aren't even thinking about sending him a complimentary Coyote's Crew t-shirt.

2. The Kidd-to-Dallas talk that has blown up today. Earlier in the day we were blessed with an ESPN article quoting un-named sources in NJ. Later on, Kidd shows up at a golf tourney chilling with Cuban.

Why does this set off AHF's alarm? Simple. The floated article from NJ tells me that Kidd, or his agent, have learned the Spurs DO NOT plan on pursuing him come July 1, despite their obvious interest in the contrast happening. So what better way to re-direct the interest of the Spurs braintrust than leaking a story that Kidd is possibly headed to Dallas, the Spurs midwest division rival and WCF foe, in a sign and trade?

I'm sure the golf tourney has been planned for a while, but it's all too convenient that the day he goes 18 with Cuban an article shows up on the AP wire about Kidd possibly heading to Dallas and "really wanting to go back to rectify his past."

Spare me...

3. Plans have changed. I don't doubt for a minute that at the beginning of this season Kidd was still first and foremost on the Spurs ubermanagement's mind. Since then, however, we have witnessed:

* the emergence of a 21 year old point guard from France, who won a championship in year two and along the way got the best of guys named Nash and Kidd.

* the penultimate flop of the Indiana Pacers, and subsequent blow up of one potential dynastic big man in Jermaine O'Neal, who went from leading a team near the apex of the east to being a first round loser on a chump team full of has beens and never willbes going nowhere fast.

4. Manu Ginobili. Another low draft pick find of the Spurs, this guy has just hinted at what he will be with his play this year. He was easily one of the clutchest players come crunch time in the playoffs, from timely threes in the Dallas series to ripping rebounds away from Kenyon Martin and stealing the ball from Richardson for an emphatic dunk. You die to have a guy on your team who has crunch time big ball moxy. We have that guy, and he wears #20. He's gonna need more minutes next year (this poster says starting), and if Kidd comes that ain't gonna happen. We'd also lose SJax. No thanks.

So with these factors in mind, coupled with the fact that Pop is in good grace currently with me and would blow it in a New York minute if he called up Jason Kidd on July 1st, I can only come to the highly scientific conclusion that Jermaine O'Neal is coming.

Bar the door kids, the party's just starting.:fro


06-23-2003, 11:51 PM
I think you are reading too much into this. The Mavs float trade rumors all the time.

Aggie Hoopsfan
06-24-2003, 12:01 AM
I just realized I forgot one very important big factor in my reasoning:

I read a thread at the old site where Dusty pretty much said that the Spurs staff feels Jermaine would be a "project" if he came west, that he only puts up the stats he does because he's in the east.

If that's what is coming out of the Spurs headquarters, then they really must like him.


Solid D
06-24-2003, 12:01 AM
Well, AHF, at least you are more substantive than Jimcs50 earlier today when he wrote:

We are getting O'Neal, I just know it. Trust me on this.


06-24-2003, 12:02 AM

Now I remember why I don't visit that site anymore.

06-24-2003, 12:05 AM
good take AHF - I buy it.

As far as the so-called "inside scoops" from over yonder, I never buy 'em. The only people with an inside scoop are Holt, Pop, RC, and Tim.

Aggie Hoopsfan
06-24-2003, 12:11 AM
Yeah Archie, that really sold me that he was coming.

Dude is good enough for Team USA, yet he'd be a 'project' player in the Western Conference?

BS detector going ballistic on that one. Comments like that one tip the Spurs hand on what they're truly thinking, and this one is growing on me the more I think about it.


Solid D
06-24-2003, 12:15 AM
If O'Neal comes to S.A., the lineup from last year could be restored with similar minutes at the point and swing positions. Malik would see a couple of fewer minutes, perhaps.

You wouldn't see any grumbling here from me, unless O'Neal told everyone to clear out for iso's like he does on the Nike commercial.

Patrick Davis
06-24-2003, 12:36 AM
I don't think he leaves to be the second option when he's still so young. we'll see though. Spurs fans best hope the weather is nice when he comes, his decision could hinge on something that small.

06-24-2003, 12:53 AM
I think clear channel wants kidd to come so the spurs have to pay kidd's wife to report the news. they are cheap bastereds. I think was the chose 2 years ago. duncan was not sold on tp. but I think duncan knows he is going to miss what david brings and what he gives him on d and o. He realizes that tp is good enough he knows the spurs won with aj and he believes tp has a MUCH BETTER job shot then aj. I think oneal is the spurs first target. They like brand but brand is to risky.

06-24-2003, 12:55 AM
I don't know, we've all been guilty of reading too much into things.

I'm falling into the school of thought that we are going to get several good players and not one superstar now.

06-24-2003, 12:57 AM
I agree if kidd comes sj,manu or tp is the odd man OUT

sure the spurs do not have to resign sj but then he is GONE.

baseline bum
06-24-2003, 01:46 AM
If Jermaine comes Malik's the odd man out, although I'm sure no one gives a shit since most Spurs fans hate him for being 6'5" and having a market-value contract.

06-24-2003, 02:18 AM
I don't understand how he'd be the odd man out

there would still be 20-24 minutes as a backup big.

And I thought Malik was one of the moreloved spurs?

06-24-2003, 02:45 AM
How is SJax not the odd man out of the starting lineup now? You geniuses have Manu penciled in as the starting SG. Is Bowen going to be kicked to the curb to make room for SJax?

Come up with something better to justify your absurd hate of the game's best point guard.

T Park Num 9
06-24-2003, 02:56 AM

Where does Jason Kidd enter this???

Good lord. Jason Kidd is NOT Kidd > O'neal

Malik gets reduced minutes and Willis may not be back.

Ill take my chances with that thank you very much.

Very much over alienating and shoving away the all star point guard of the future.

06-24-2003, 03:10 AM
Would you please type a coherent post just once? Thanks.

06-24-2003, 03:12 AM
:lol !


T Park Num 9
06-24-2003, 03:12 AM
Not my fault, you intellectually inept to follow a simply typed post.

better relearn that aggie english.

06-24-2003, 03:15 AM
Good one. I suppose I should learn the Palo Alto variant of the English language in order to improve my ability to comprehend one single piece of excrement from your cranial cavity that litters this forum.

T Park Num 9
06-24-2003, 03:18 AM
Classy as always there archie.

Ghost, once again makes a good point.

You cant argue rationally, must resort to name callinga nd childish stupidity.

06-24-2003, 03:20 AM
I see how it is. You dish it but you won't take it.

T Park Num 9
06-24-2003, 03:36 AM
I dish nothing.

Havent dished anything in a VERY long time.

06-24-2003, 03:59 AM
AHF I see one fatal flaw in your logic..

It's your destiny to hate Pop, you have tried liking him before and it was for naught, therefore Pop doing something you would most want to see done is the least likely to happen. Since you are currently in a mode of liking Pop it's just a logical conclusion that Pop's next act will be something to return the status quo of you hating him.

If you want to ensure that we don't screw the Pooch by bringing in Kidd you must pull a mouse and begin saying you want to see the Spurs sign Kidd.

Seriously..look at the guys Pop goes after..hard working high character guys..anyone that thinks that Pop isn't having a wet dream thinking of the prospect of signing Elton Brand, a player that fills his high character fetish as well as his strong interior defense mindset, is misguided and hasn't been watching our signing habits and tendencies the past few years, at least in terms of players personalities.

Brand will come, if not this year then next. Expect PJ Brown or Mourning this year if we can't get Brand, and Brown or Mourning will sign for short term.

06-24-2003, 04:26 AM
:lol :rollin

ok...hang on....wait

:lol :rollin

Aggie Hoopsfan
06-24-2003, 05:23 AM

Don't worry man.

This is my theory about what's going to happen (what I've already posted).

I've already accepted the reality that we will end up with Kidd this summer, so Pop is now free to go another direction and surprise me :)