View Full Version : Worst sports year ever for me

07-01-2006, 06:01 PM
It started with my alma mater University of Cincinnati getting snubbed by the NCAA and ending their 15 year NCAA tournament appearance streak, being relegated to the NIT. And it was a year that the Bearcats overcame sickening adversity which started with Coach Bob Huggins getting fired, then a rash of injuries. Still, the Bearcats were heavily considered to be around a #8 seed in the NCAA tournament...then didn't even make it....

Then the Spurs could not hold onto a 3 point lead against Dallas with under a minute at home in a decisive Game 7...

Then Brazil gets shocked by France which, to me, is the most disappointing, heartbreaking of all. At least the NBA playoffs roll around annually, while the World Cup comes about only every 4 years. I just feel sorry for the great, humble people of Brazil, especially the poor people, who are so let down...

Earlier today I saw Agassi's farewell loss at Wimbledon, then saw just a minute ago that Andy Roddick and James Blake also flamed out.


I guess all this means that things can only get better in 2007, when the Spurs win their fourth championship!