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  1. At the end hood finally gets closure and lets everything that happened in Banshee go. He realizes there would be nothing left for him there except bad memories and the shit show that goes on regularly, so he tries to start a new life. Shoulda stayed with the hot chick though. The show angered me with the killing of hotties, the ratio was too small this season but it still was a great show
  2. Last one. It didn't make sense to me. It was random as fuck.
  3. what season are you on? This was the last season

    I honestly liked it tbh, ending gave the show good closure and it didn't drag on like dexter and other shitty shoes
  4. Bro WTF happened to Banshee? It's like a completely different show. LOL I'm confused. The story is not making sense at all to me.
  5. ill give it a try

    Currently exhausted all possible shows lmao
  6. Son, download and watch Billions. You will thank me later.
  7. I've been keeping track of it. It's the last season unfortunately. I'm waiting for it to finish so I can watch the whole season.
  8. banshee been pretty good
  9. been busy as shit man, I'll get on more within the next month
  10. Make yourself known fool. Where you at?
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