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  1. This is true. It's definitely college basketball country, and I don't really have a favorite. It's always been the NBA (and Spurs) for me.
  2. Yeah I'm actually also a transplant from the North but I have lived here for a while. One thing about this area you probably discovered by now they are anti-nba lol so we are probably one of the few fans who follows nba basketball.
  3. I actually just moved to Raleigh, but I've always lived on the East Coast (never in Texas). I've also followed the Spurs since D-Rob was there. I managed to get my wife hooked on the Spurs as well, so there's at least a couple of us Spurs fans here, LOL.
  4. You live in Raleigh thats pretty cool. I didn't even know there was any spur fans out here lol. I also live in Raleigh. I have been a spurs fan since the David Robiinson days.
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