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  1. GS has four all NBA players. If it weren't for that dumb ass Draymond, they could be trying for a four-peat right now. No one is touching that as long as it lasts.

    I don't think it will last forever. Two of them are 27 and two of them are 29, and the repeater luxury tax payment goes up every year. That being said, KL doesn't seem to want to be here, and neither does LMA.
  2. hey thanks for reply, thought you were stonewalling me, ha. ...Wow kind of surprised at that take man. KL, LMA, Rudy and a good PG (don't know who) would make substantial noise I think. If there weren't other bad contracts to factor, a supermax deal wouldn't hurt Spurs that much in terms of finding/keeping/paying other capable players. His uncle really threw a wrench in the gears.
  3. I think he's gone. I think even resigning him at a premium doesn't put the Spurs over the top, and if you can't win the title, why hand the keys to the franchise over to the 'group'?
  4. exstatic, seriously man I would like to know what you think about Kawhi situation and what you think outcome will be. You are one of the very few intelligent and mature posters on this forum and I look for your takes. appreciate it, go spurs.
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