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  1. It is going to double every few days.

    We will be pretty certain about deaths, because those that die will absolutely get tested. We won't be so sure about the infection rate, because people will have it and not get tested. That is why I think the death rate is a bit over exaggerated, but still probably a lot higher than the flu.
  2. Well fuck me

  3. Well fuck me

  4. If you want to take it for a certificate along with lots of other people and with the professor (who is very active on the boards) I think it will be offered again in November. The trig is pretty minimal except for things like parallax. Of course there is a bit of a downside to the lower math level. For instance, all the quantum stuff has to basically be taken on faith since a proper treatment of the subject requires techniques from linear algebra, functional analysis, and PDEs, and the cosmology stuff like the Robertson-Walker metric, Friedman's equation, etc require some ODE. But the results from quantum are critical, since astronomy is basically spectroscopy. A more proper treatment of cosmology is also available:

    But you need pretty significant background for it: namely, ODE, mechanics, E&M, waves & vibrations, special relativity, and quantum mechanics, plus a rigorous intro to astro.
  5. Thanks. I will take a look at it. I am pretty good at math, and got though college trig courses pretty easily, if I do say so myself. If I hadn't discovered a love of accounting, I would more than likely have gone into one of hte sciences.
  6. I thought this might interest you, as it does special relativity in some detail and even some general relativity:

    It's a great intro to astronomy that only assumes you can do HS algebra and HS physics. It's actually pretty hard though despite the weak prereqs, but if you're looking for Cosmos raised to the 20th power, it delivers. But expect to devote some significant time to it.
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