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  1. told ya yer krew was a bunch of faggots
  2. dems big words! you can't be black then
  3. i'd say that you're a faggot first and foremost which stands out much further than my ethnic background, it's ingrained in every post of yours
  4. brah would you say you're blacker than wesley snipes?
  5. Oh yeah that's right I'll go find that picture, I'll try to send it to ya tonight or tomorrow
  6. those boobies, tbh
  7. yew jess kent dew tengs liek dett....lawl i don't have her name, let me upload that shit if I can find it in my massive big tits folder
  8. whats her name? hook a nigga up scrah pm det pic
  9. I put the little smiley faces there, I have one with more of her nips exposed but the quality is mediocre so it's hard to make out
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