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  1. True

    Regardless,last match at WHL
  2. Why you laughing brah? This helps my cause...
  3. Looks like we might geta league running. Who knows if it's successful, though.
  4. Both for the XBOX 360 tbh, lol. I just dropped $199 on a 250Gb Slim 360 for insurance in case the banhammer comes.

    I'm gonna see which one is better, then I might consider dropping the cash for the PS3, if many people are playing from ST.
  5. Are you getting PES or FIFA, and on PS3?
  6. Haven't logged on either. Probz gonna get a PS3 for their exclusives and stuff. If you log on, you can re-flash it again, so yeah.
  7. Brah what's going on with your Xbox? I haven't played in a month cuz of work and M$ has finally re-flashed consoles over XBL?
  8. tbh I held off buying the headphones for now. My use of headphones reduced drastically since I stopped taking the bus so I've been lazy. I'll probably get some around April/May.
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