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  1. LOL I have 1.5 + 2.5 + 3 and haven't played any of them yet despite how awesome they look.

    Damn Gamestop had 2.8 for $7 at one point but I'm not going to a Gamestop during the pandemic after how they tried to weasel out of the lockdowns and try to get people making $8 an hour to argue with police who came to shut them down.
  2. Yeah sure am.

    I bought the remastered games back for the PS3. And have 2.8 for the ps4 which I have yet to even play.

    I donít have 3 yet. Kind of forgot all about it honestly. They released some DLCs for it too.
  3. Reck man, are you a Kingdom Hearts fan? I swear I remember you talking about that series before. Was just browsing the PSN Spring Sale and saw the entire series on sale for $30.

    I wish 2.8 would drop to $5 to $8 instead of $20 since it's not a lot of content and it's the one piece I'm missing from the series.
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