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  1. YoniFett finally returned to that thread about ricin? Guess what he decided to try and pivot to...

  2. "Jesus take the wheel, because the pilot can't land it on his own"
  3. We all have faith in something, whether it's in the plane landing safely or the light turning on when we flick the switch.
  4. I don't care about TEH GAYZ and their anti-Mormon agenda, honest!
  5. Here's another quote from a certain xanax popping fellow who claims he doesn't care about gay marriage at all

    "If a straight person is a bigot for opposing gay marriage, what is a gay person that opposes polygamy or bigamy? I've understood that about the gay movement. They preach tolerance, equality, and compassion but it really only applies to their cause. Personally, I lose all respect for gay people on the issue of gay marriage if they come out with the attitude of "polygamy should be illegal". That just is judging someone's behavior and way life. That is no different than bigoted religious extremists opposing gay marriage. Bigotry is bigotry. Prejudice is prejudice."
  6. THere's no facts of google opening up their collection of information. But it is a good eye opener on the power of google. Which is starting to make more sense on why the Dems were so for SOPA.

    If Dems can get to google's data like that, then they are pretty damn smart! I just wish the Conservatives could have gotten that kind of data collection. Even at this point.
  7. I am Active Duty Cavalry Scout. One of my soldiers in my Section is having some issues. His wife is going to college, and he has a babysitter he has to drive his kids to. I am letting him use my old truck but it isn't dependable. He's a SPC with a wife and three kids. He has done one 12 month deployment. I went online to try and find some help for him and saw this. What happened with his car was his radiator blew. Any kind of help (i.e. links, advice) would definitely be appreciated
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