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  1. Here we go again. Gave you a thoughtful reply and you act the asshole. Like I said, Kori's granted you clemency. DoK submitted that Final Solution bill like almost a week ago and Kori hasn't done anything. You have a new lease. Take advantage of it.
  2. I always gave a shit about the welch, but I continued civility toward you regardless. The reason I voted yes for those bills is because it's my job as an EC member to put the forum before my personal feelings. Everyone was getting fed up with your spamming, and yet in spite of that, you continued on. Personally, you can spam your catchphrases 1000 times a day and it wouldn't bother me, but the forum doesn't share my opinion in that regard.
    If you spammed in any other forum besides this one, you'd be IP banned for life. Your only punishment is a 10 minute time limit with which you have to post under for a month. Ultimately, Kori has the final decision, and it looks like she's decided that your one month self-exile was punishment enough. No reason for you to sulk anymore and act petulant toward the people who, in your view, "wronged" you.
    I'm sure if you post judiciously from now on, nothing will happen to you. Just don't spam. You're more creative than your repetition suggests.
  3. Yeah? And how long was I civil toward you after you told that fucker Luva to welch on me?
  4. Why are you always such a damn baby?
  5. Congrats on your Thunder win tonight.
  6. I hope you're having a contented Sunday evening, Culburn.
  7. Good morning, my fine friend.
  8. Fisher. Just a cold-blooded motherfucker.
  9. Even Stevens. You and Luva were like Holder and Reno orchestrating the siege on Waco, and I, in the McVeigh role, squared the house with some vengeance of my own.

    The House Is Square.
  10. You screwed me through Luva. I screwed you through the EC. The House Is Square. We're Even Stevens.

    And in 1 month it's gonna be:

    Kobe: 5

    Duncan: 5
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