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  1. Sporting this Sig.. War Chael....

    "I don't need anything but I need that championship belt, I need it I have to have it. This will all be for nothing it will all be a failure if I don't win that belt on the 7th of July"
  2. Shit happens..
  3. not going to like the news I just posted in the MMA forum...
  4. can you copy the pictures and fight card from this post: to the 1st post of the UFC 137 thread so it is easier to locate
  5. yeah, thanks
  6. Is it Good now??
  7. still needs to be changed to UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz: Nov 05, 2011
  8. Is everything all good with the threads now bro??
  9. I moved UFC 139 into the right thread now.. Should be good now..
  10. Which one is wrong 138 or 139? Are they both wrong?
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