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  1. Louis Cha's novels are badass, just because the TV series are shit it doesn't mean his novels aren't good. If you could read chinese I'd highly recommend some of Cha's novels to you, and also my recent article about demi gods semi devils. Also the translated versions ain't worth a shit either, (knowing how dumb the chinks are), even worse than TV series tbh
  2. yeh use to posts on wuxia forums, got bored of that shit stop postsing always the same shit

    seems like jin yong has no problem selling out as long china continues to buy his story rights at a high price while turning every production into CGI bullshit

    there is also the newly release dragon inn 2013/14 tv series adaption from china
  3. truth bomb, 97' version was the baddest ass and I kind of grew up watching that shit tbh. I even wrote an article based upon the story demi gods semi devils recently, discussing the three different levels of love. Too bad you can't read Chinese (assuming you're from some SE Asian country, not China ) otherwise I'd be more than glad to share that shit with you tbh.
  4. hey clown u watch jin yongs china latest tv adaption demi gods semi devils 2013?? ive watch first 5mins and just turn it off...fkn some skinny clown actor as xiao feng? gtfo
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