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  1. I know we disagree on a lot of things but, seriously, mouse is killing me in that thread.
  2. If one does not want to believe in Bigfoot without some evidence, why would one want to believe in something as important as God without evidence?

    It seems to me to be vastly *more* important to have a logical reason to believe in God than in something like Bigfoot or the Easter bunny.
  3. ...I am so jealous. They're my favourite team ever.

    But anyway, that would explain your stance then. I'm from Africa and I've probably seen/experienced more of this sort of thing than you have. (no offence)

    Btw, didn't get your take on Bigfoot?
  4. I am indeed from North America, and live in the San Antonio Area. Go Spurs.
  5. Yeah. I kinda went through something similar and even now I'm irritated with the guys who pulled stuff out of the Bible for no reason.

    For myself, I have my problems with religion but I do believe that God exists. Not to make it sound too personal, but are you from North America?
  6. I was very mildly religious and then an agnostic, and never gave it much thought. Then I sat down and really started reading things, including the bible all the way through a couple times, and the background about how the modern bible came about. I got to the problem of evil, and that put me onto some serious skepticism. The thing that tipped it for me was the website:

    I think that the more one asks serious, critical questions, the more one realizes that religions don't have answers that are logical.
  7. Hi!

    Just curious since it seems like a lot of atheist/agnostic types have an interesting story, but how did you end up not believing? Just studying science?
  8. Whoot! First visitor message!
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