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  1. Ha right we are. But let's just keep trying to "blend in", okay? LOL
  2. Okay, I saw one. BUT it was "Bridges" I give it a + a

    Oh, and I talk to everyone who can construct a sentence without the use of the words "calf tats"!
  3. I don't watch much tv either, but I check the TCM and IFC schedules daily---that's about all I have patience for.
    I'm just not really a fan of "shoot em ups", but I could certainly go for a day of movies directed by Clint Eastwood....I've never seen one I didn't like.
  4. Hey Bender, Turner Classic Movies has Clint Eastwood movies all day, today!

    <--- Bender
  5. Hmmm. So I guess I shouldn't tell you what I think about the upcoming Rush concert?
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