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  1. RichRod is going to be crying and singing Josh Groban after the upcoming beatdown, tbh.
  2. Hope you're ready for the Fiest Bowl.
  3. what's The Ticket?
  4. The idea of Hicks taking a Dennis Miller-esque heel turn towards neocon jeebotardation is almost as laughable as the theory itself, tbh
  5. even taking into account all the stuff relating to how impossible it would be to pull off, the funniest and most ridiculous part of the theory imo is the idea Bill Hicks would kill himself off as a well liked atheist comedian so he could become a right wing jeebotard
  6. Holy shit

    Surprised one of the resident conspiracytards hasn't posted that in the political forum yet
  7. am I late to the party here, or have you also not heard about these conspiracy theories Bill Hicks faked his own death so he could come back as Alex Jones

  8. Tbh when are you gonna drop some truth bombs in the memorial day thread
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