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  1. check the troll forum brah
  2. lame
  3. man spurstalk sucks now..and so do the mavs..i'll start posting again only when the mavs do something about their incompetence. whether that's "getting lebron" or realizing this current team can't do shit and blowing it up
  4. nigga get back to posting again.
  5. get on aim scrah
  6. aight i got a login, monoSPURSTALK. apparently i used monosylab1k back when i had AIM before, but tbh i forgot about it and i lost my password and i don't have the email i sent it to, lulz
  7. hurry it up scrah! mavs vs spurs game chat going on right now!

    and bring some grape drink!
  8. brah AIM is downloaded, i'll get a username and shit later when i got some time. tbh i haven't used AIM since like 2002, back then I had a gay ass name like "bliNk182Fan!" or somethin retarded.
  9. all mav fans are required to have aim during the playoffs, it's the closest thing we'll probably get to a GTG IMHO
  10. he said something about giving me a month to find the post where i supposedly accepted the bet. he's gonna disappear for a month, come back and find a way to squelch.
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