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  1. Free Giuseppe!
  2. It looks like the main option on vBulletin would effect everyone and can be as low as one second. However, a Google search shows that it may be possible to implement against one person with a little bit of software modifying. And yes, anything from one second to ten minutes appears to be possible.
  3. how long are the time limits? is 5 minutes possible?
  4. excellent. maybe that could work instead of moving to ban the guy.
  5. tbh it looks like it's possible
  6. tbh is there any way to limit how many times someone can post? like how there's a 60 second limit to forum searches? If so, that would be great to know for a certain poster who likes to post nonstop Nazi/KKK pictures and compares you & Kori to Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun.
  7. brah we need u to help regulate Laker Fan in the NBA Forum. mav krew is doing all we can but tbh we're getting overrun with them. It's like Black Hawk Down over there.
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