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  1. I don't see anything out of the norm in the nba forum tbh
  2. son, there's a thread in the nba forum in need of some regulation. Those chink posers laka and kool are runnin wild
  3. I try watching it as much as I can but it comes on at fucking 3 am and I don't have tivo or any of that stuff.
  4. yeah Cumia and Norton are on Red Eye all the time. Norton was just on Monday
  5. hes been on there a couple of times also jim norton is a host on O&A if you remember him
  6. yeah those red eye guys are also friends with anthony cumia from opie and anthony is why I mostly know of them.
  7. Really Greg, you know the only thing he's guilty of?...a felony
  8. wait, you watch Red Eye? Speaking of that twitter feud you HAVE to watch the response by Levy. There's a vid in the link
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