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  1. wtf happaned to bleach brah
  2. i dont read onepiece manga or watch the looks lame especially on tv...

    naruto itself gets shitty when the author favors sasuke to the main character, seems like the clown puts more focus on sharingan blood limit then watever naruto does for the whole series...
  3. well I only read manga
    one piece,naruto ( which got really good but naruto has like the power of a god now) and bleach which I wish was over and a lot more similar like zetman which is good but slow and berserk still
  4. bleach jumped t he fucking shark and took the ocean with it
    bleach is horrendous now
  5. which manga u talkin about? bleach and naruto? im fkn disappointed in bleach cause Gin got trolled when he only had 2 chapters to betray and trolled, shit weak excuse kubo came up for his purpose to revenge, a waste of a character.

    As for naruto i dont read the manga besides watching the anime...

    any other anime or manga u read/watch, those 2 is not enough to quench my thirst each week...
  6. d00d you been keeping up with the manga?
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