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    14 Hours Ago
    I get that, I just wished QT had found a way to make the ending a little less a product of chance. Maybe actually develop a relationship between Tate, Dalton and Cliff; or the incident actually having something to do with that scene earlier where Cliff goes to the ranch. I don't know, something...
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    14 Hours Ago
    No, I'm saying that what happens on the first two acts of the movie, has little to no effect on the outcome of the final one.
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    15 Hours Ago
    Was just adressing that on my post above.
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    15 Hours Ago
    And sure, the pale looking bitch gave that speech about killing the dudes that showed us how to kill and maybe that's why they got into Dalton's house instead of Tates, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that the ending (Manson's people getting to that private neighborhood to kill...
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    15 Hours Ago
    Yeah, but they didn't know who they had to kill. For all they knew Dalton was the one living on Manson ex friend's house.
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    15 Hours Ago
    Ok, so your idea is to antagonize just to antagonize? :lol I'm pretty sure I got the dialogue right, but if I didn't I would appreciate for you to tell me what I got wrong so that I can understand the movie. Specially since you were the one adressing me and telling me I missed the point of the...
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    15 Hours Ago
    When the Manson loyals were in the car, Tex said that Manson told him "get into my old friends' house (I don't remember the name of the dude) and kill anyone in there". Sharon Tate was the one living on Charles Manson's ex friend house, not Dalton. So, indeed, the Manson's friends broke into the...
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    15 Hours Ago
    Still waiting, tbh.
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    16 Hours Ago
    Ok, tell me what you think is the point of the movie. I'm probably missing something.
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    16 Hours Ago
    *****Spoilers below*******
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    16 Hours Ago
    Finally watched "Once upon a time in Hollywood". It is an entertaining movie but a weird one. It feels more like different bits put together than a cohesive unit. The final isn't earned at all. It's just something that happens by sheer luck. It's good but in no way do I think it's Best Picture...
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    23 Hours Ago
    Messi asking that either Bartomeu advances elections or bring Lautaro, Tagliafico and Fabián, otherwise he's leaving Barça. He didn't insist on Neymar, because Messi, Suárez and Piqué demanded their salaries frozen to make room for Neymar, but Ney didn't ask once publicly that wanted out of PSG. ...
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  1. Lel messis best years behind him.

    I love working son. A lot of people might be able to do it on less hours, but I'm I track to make over a hundred thousand this year
  2. It's good, but between parenthood and working 7 days, 12 hours, there isn't much time for anything.

    Crofl Vince Young
  3. How you been bruh?
  4. Can I just admit defeat now and serve my time for the Lakers?
  5. lol Vince Young
  6. I was just saying that you found a great way to insult James Harden's ceiling as an NBA player. Jeez, some people just can't take a compliment.
  7. nice insult to James Harden in your sig. Worst case scenario, he's a good player but not a star player nor is he capable of being a #1 guy on a team. Best case scenario, he's a better player but still not a star and still not capable of being a #1 guy on a team.

    Harden must be pissed his ceiling as an NBA player is just Ginobili
  8. once again great find on the Harden DX dig on Terry
    I clicked the link and took a picture of it so I coul get it into paint, circle the Manu/Jet part and share on FB haha, if you want a copy of the pic for your sig lemme know
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