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    17 Hours Ago
    PER, OBPM, DBPM, BPM and VORP don't make minutes distinction. They just meassure the efficiency of a player, it doesn't matter if he played 5 or 35 minutes. Nobody said that though.
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    17 Hours Ago
    This. The idea is that with DeRozan gone, Murray and White (and maybe Keldon) can pick up the playmaking slack. I don't think is far stretched to suggest these guys can average around 20 ppg and 5/7 apg each. In that case, having a 3 and D guy (Vassell) in the lineup, instead of DeRozan, makes a...
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    17 Hours Ago
    In fact, if you compare the numbers, in terms of efficiency, Poeltl is having arguably his worst season since he got to San antonio. :lol PER, OBPM, DBPM, BPM, VORP are all worse than the previous 2 years. So much for the narrative of this incredible year of development he's supposedly having....
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    17 Hours Ago
    He has always been a great defender. In fact, going by defensive DBPM, this year isn't even his best or second best defensive years. The biggest difference in Poeltl's case is that he has been playing more, so the great defensive impact he has always had is even more noticeable.
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    18 Hours Ago
    Those are all things he knew how to do in Toronto. In fact, even earlier. "Game instincts" was one of Poeltl selling points coming into the draft. Great defender, great screener, good roler, good finisher, underrated passer, high IQ. These were all of Poeltl's best attributes and are the same...
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    19 Hours Ago
    Well, I also suggested he might be worse too but you chose not to quote that part for some reason. :lol If you really want to know how I think about this subject you should have stayed with the last part: "likely, he would be about the same anywhere". You are acting as if Poeltl had somehow...
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    19 Hours Ago
    Slow starts to seasons =/= not being good
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    19 Hours Ago
    And how do you transform that sentence into "you said he would be even better on another team"? :lol
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    22 Hours Ago
    Like I said, moving goal posts and/or changing words to invent an answer. :lol Poeltl has been a good player ever since he got to the league. He posted positive metrics ever since his 2nd year. He improved every year (except that year that he went from the Raptors to the Spurs). These are all...
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    1 Day Ago
    DAF86 replied to a thread Bartomeu arrested in Soccer Forum
    Worst club president ever behind former River Plate's Aguilar. He wasted the last of the GOAT's peak.
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    1 Day Ago
    That's a weird ass choice considering he became a rotation player pretty early on his career. For example, Samanic (up to this point) is objectively a worse pick than Lonnie. Picked just 1 position later and still can't crack rotation minutes. Do you know what criteria did they use?
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    1 Day Ago
    I guess Devin Vassell isn't a promising rookie that will get better with time, he's just a scrub because he averages less than 20 mpg and shoots 39% from the field. See how retarded your argument is? :lol His last season in Toronto, Poeltl averaged 7 pts and 5 rbds with positive metrics both on...
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    1 Day Ago
    And who said Jak has always been THIS good? :lol Now you are just making shit up because you know you have no leg to stand on. :lol Of course Poeltl has never been this good. No player is as good in his rookie year as in the following ones. The argument has never been that Poeltl has been...
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    1 Day Ago
    Dude, you are diverting the conversation trying to make it seem like folks are somehow hating on Pop's player development just because we called you out on your take of Poeltl being a borderline scrub before. :lol I don't know how Poeltl would have fared on another team. Maybe he would be less...
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  1. Lel messis best years behind him.

    I love working son. A lot of people might be able to do it on less hours, but I'm I track to make over a hundred thousand this year
  2. It's good, but between parenthood and working 7 days, 12 hours, there isn't much time for anything.

    Crofl Vince Young
  3. How you been bruh?
  4. Can I just admit defeat now and serve my time for the Lakers?
  5. lol Vince Young
  6. I was just saying that you found a great way to insult James Harden's ceiling as an NBA player. Jeez, some people just can't take a compliment.
  7. nice insult to James Harden in your sig. Worst case scenario, he's a good player but not a star player nor is he capable of being a #1 guy on a team. Best case scenario, he's a better player but still not a star and still not capable of being a #1 guy on a team.

    Harden must be pissed his ceiling as an NBA player is just Ginobili
  8. once again great find on the Harden DX dig on Terry
    I clicked the link and took a picture of it so I coul get it into paint, circle the Manu/Jet part and share on FB haha, if you want a copy of the pic for your sig lemme know
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